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Korean Beauty phase 1: Single Eyelid beauty tutorial

2018-03-16 14:24:00

If you are a single eyelid single eyelid do not cry, draw a good eye makeup as beautiful invincible! Single eyelids are also beautiful, and as long as you master the art of eye makeup, you can create sexy and cute makeup without double eyelid tape.


STEP1: Girls with single eyelids don't need to be superstitious about thick straight eyebrows. A slightly curved eyebrow shape will make you look more energetic. Fill in the shape of the eyebrow along the arc of the brow, and highlight it at the brow bone. Choose a natural, soft brown color for your eyebrow powder.


STEP2: With beige pearl eyeshadow primer, the single eyelid itself will look more bloated, so the bottom is especially important.


STEP3: When applying eye makeup on a single eyelid, try not to choose abrupt blue, purple, green, etc., and the versatile coffee color is safe and can eliminate puffiness. Dip your finger in a suitable amount of brown eyeshadow and apply it to your upper eye socket, slightly wider than your double eyelid.


STEP4: It is important to apply eyeliner within the dotted line in the figure. The single eyelid eyeliner should be slightly wider than the double eyelid, otherwise the eyeliner will not be visible after the eyes are opened. And when choosing eyeliner, be sure to choose products with good anti-fainting effect.


STEP5: Use dark brown eyeshadow to smudge your eyeliner and keep it on longer. At the same time, add a light brown eyeshadow to the bottom half of the lower lid to emphasize the eye contour.


STEP6: Do not forget to use a lying silkworm pen to lighten the eyes and head. Also use waterproof mascara to create curled lashes.


How about that? The makeup with single eyelids is just as amazing!