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Kenya travel guide

2018-03-09 12:48:00

Today let's take a look at the travel guide to Kenya.




$50 visa on arrival, form filling, and entry card. There are no hard and fast rules in the Yellow Book, but there are spot checks at the airport, which can be done with tips.


Pingqiao above 2000, belongs to the plateau climate, only the rainy season and the early season, the temperature is about 10-26 degrees, the temperature difference is relatively large in the morning and evening, wear a coat in the morning and evening, short sleeves at noon. The plug is British, remember to bring the adapter plug. Voltage 220V6, clothes for spring and autumn, for anti-mosquito recommended long-sleeved pants, sports shoes or outdoor shoes, sunglasses, masks.


The currency is the Kenyan shilling, about 1 US dollar =86 shillings, 1 yuan =14 shillings, the US dollar is used, but the Chinese yuan is not used.


The local languages are Swahili and English, and English is very common and can be directly communicated. Drugs: commonly used drugs, such as cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, painkillers, anti-mosquito medicine, mosquito repellent tablets, etc.


Cameras, shooting animals are carried out in the car, do not get off, do not get too close to the animal, be sure to bring a telephoto lens, more than 200+, preferably 500+, do not have to buy, you can rent. At the same time spare battery and memory card, flash generally not used. Animals are the masters of the grassland, we are hurried by, do not feed, do not scream, do not get out of the car. Sometimes the only way to look at an animal is to look at the lucky index.

Matters needing attention

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