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Jade purchase: jade jade decorative shape meaning

2018-03-01 09:36:00

The magic of nature gives birth to the jade young, vigorous and upward vitality, representing a natural charm, and jade carving master with its exquisite skills, clever thinking to give the jade culture and artistic connotation. Jade carving pay attention to auspicious meaning, although strive to be simple and simple, but "map will be intentional, meaning will be auspicious" this article introduces: jade purchase: jade jade decorative shape meaning



All kinds of jade adornment meaning

1, the Chinese folk festival firecrackers, a long time, legend of ancient times there is a called "year" monster, every lunar month 30, out wounding, once, "year" ran through a village, just met two shepherd boy whip, "year" suddenly heard mid-air sound clap, scared to run. Since then, every year when "Nian" comes out, people set off firecrackers in order to. "Year after year" means every year, life is happy.


2, more than every year, like fish and geese, can be used as a synonym for letters. The ancients for the esoterical letters, with silk letters and packed in the belly of the fish, so to fish letter called "fish pass ruler." In Tang and Song dynasties, dignitaries and officials were all wearing letters made of gold called "fish letters" to Ming noble and cheap. "Fish" and "Yu" homophonic, so fish symbolizes wealth. "Like a fish in water" is used to describe work and life harmony, happiness, and freedom.


3, birthday old man, deer, peach Birthday old man, deer, flat peach: three stars, that is, fortune, fortune, longevity three stars. Deer, cloven-hoofed deer mammals, many species, in the auspicious pattern refers to Sika deer. "Deer" is a homophone with "Lu". Lu, in ancient times called the salary of officials to Wei Feng, Yu wealth. Flat peach refers to the place where the West Queen Mother lives. "The Book of Mountains and Seas" said: "In the sea, there is a degree of the mountain, the mountain has a large peach, its coil three thousand li." "Han Wudi Internal Biography" slightly cloud: "On July 7, the West Queen mother came down, with four and the emperor" According to legend, the West Queen Mother's birthday often held the peach gala, all the immortals to celebrate the birthday, so the peach is also called longevity peach. "Three stars high photo" means happiness.


4, cloth bag cloth bag does not seem to be elegant, but in the folk it is very important. In history, there was a Zen Buddhist monk who often carried a large cloth bag around begging for almsgiving, and was called a cloth bag monk. After his death, people saw him many times, so people thought he was the incarnation of Maitreya Buddha. In many places, the general family often put some rice in the cloth bag, can not let him empty, so that you can obtain heaven and earth to give food with this family, and some places to drive out ghosts and witches, often hold a cloth bag in one hand, it is said that he can drive ghosts into the cloth bag into nothing.


5, bat because "bat" and "blessing" homonym, bat is an auspicious symbol of luck and happiness. Two bats drawn together represent double good luck, and five bats drawn together represent the five God-given blessings, namely, long life, good health, good life and death. In particular, jade works often use red skin or sugar color to skillfully carve red bats, meaning "Hongfu Qi sky" or "Hongfu infinite".


Zhong Kui is the first god of ghost hunting. It is said that Zhong Kui was born ugly and afraid of people, but he was talented and loyal. Went to Beijing to take the exam and was selected as the number one. Tang Dezong, judging others by their appearance and listening to slander, drove Zhong Kui out of the court, and Zhong Kui committed suicide on the spot. Remorseful, Dezong posthumously named Zhong Kui the "great exorcist" and traveled all over the world to kill demons. Jade traditional works often use his portrait as the subject of warding off evil spirits.


7, Buddha hand Buddha hand is a strange shape of citrus fruit, the fruit has cracks like a fist, or open like fingers, commonly known as "Buddha hand". "Buddha" and "blessing" homophonic, Buddha hand is blessing hand. In general, the hand of Buddha, together with peaches and pomegranates, is called "three more", that is, more happiness and more longevity.


8, Ruyi is a symbol of auspicious objects, the head is ganoderma lucidum or cloud shape, the handle is slightly curved, for enjoyment. It means that you can do or get what you want. A boy or a lady holding a ruyi means "good luck". A Ruyi inserted on the bottle means "ruyi".


9, Tantra Avalokitesvara Tantra (that is, green mother). Is the incarnation of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Green Tara, called "Zhuo Jiang" in Tibetan, that is, Fenxun Tara, is the master of the twenty-one degree mother. As a green, gentle person, sitting on a seat in a semi-lotus posture (left leg is one disc, right leg is stretched down), wearing a jade Buddha crown, the upper body is a dress with fluttering flags, the lower body is a heavy skirt, the neck is hung in two strings of beads, and the hands hold flower branches; Wear earrings, bracelets, elbow bracelets and other decorations to show solemnity. Tibetan Buddhism Tantra believes that Green Tara has a vast compassionate heart, great and rapid accreting power, and fearless courage and spiritual power. The Green Tara Mantra is also the fundamental mantra of the twenty-one degree mother, including all merits, so there are many practitioners of the Green Tara Character. If you wear it for a long time, you will be able to survive forever.


10, Jade Buddha Buddha is a traditional theme commonly used in jade ornaments, pieces, pendants, the selection of Maitreya Buddha shape, in fact, from a monk called Chibi image shaped out. Buddha translates the meaning of the enlightened one, the knower, and the enlightened one. The Great sage, who also has self-awareness, awareness of himself, awareness of fulfillment, and achievement of right awareness, is the highest fruit of Buddhist practice. Maitreya Buddha, known in Buddhism as the Buddha of the future world, has the most compassionate mind and the most boundless power to help people through suffering. Maitreya Buddha with a big belly, laughter as the image, there is a "big belly can tolerate the world's difficult things, laugh at the world's ridiculous people" said, representing people's desire for tolerance, kindness, happiness!


11. The pattern composed of herons, reeds, "heron" and "road" are homonyms, "lotus" and "Lian" are homonyms. In the old imperial examination, the continuous examination was called "Lianke". A heron in the lake with reeds, homophonic "all the way to the branch", meaning the success of the exam, a smooth career.


12, Liu play gold toad Liu play gold toad, omen life over the more rich, over the more happy. The three-legged golden toad played by the bangs is considered to be a spiritual object, and the bangs are considered to be a kind god of fishing and scattering wealth, who will bring people a happy life.


13, the official on the official rooster because of extraordinary life and outstanding virtues and people pay attention to, is the auspicious thing in the world to ward off evil. The cock crow indicates "fame" (cock crow). Rooster towering, red, said can get official. Therefore, with a beautiful rooster as a gift, to congratulate the other side can get the official position, to congratulate the "official on the official."


14, three Yang Kaitai Three Yang Kaitai: the pattern is composed of pine trees, sheep and the sun. Sheep and Yang homonym, three sheep means three Yang. The "Zhouyi" takes the first month as the Tai gua, the Tai gua has three Yang, so it is called "three Yang Kai Tai", the earth returns to spring in the first month, "three Yang Kai Tai".


15. Toads are very long-lived and can live up to three thousand years. He who wins the Golden Toad is always rich. According to ancient mythology, there was a toad in the middle of the month, and this toad was changed by Chang 'e. Originally, Chang 'e's husband + Houyi is a hero shooting the sun, he from the west queen mother please back to the undead medicine, ready to eat with the couple, Chang 'e but secretly eat the medicine, ran away to the moon, who knows she became a toad to the moon, so, until now there are still called the moon for toad, toad palace and so on.


16, all the way Ronghua flower is also called wood, Rong and rong homonym, flower and Hua ancient universal, egret, and road homonym. It means that the pedestrian will have good luck here, and the splendor and wealth will be endless.


17, Jiuyang Kaitai nine sheep, pine, bamboo, plum: Jiuyang sun. Here "Yang" homonyms "sheep". Nine, generally refers to the majority or many times. Kai Tai is Kai Tai. It's good luck. Good omen. The ancient "Xiang" character of "Yang" means "Xiang". Nine sheep, auspicious things, countless, endless. "Pine", the four seasons evergreen, symbol. "Bamboo" and "Zhu" homophone, metaphor of blessing. "Mei" and "mei" homophone, implying "happy eyebrows" meaning also. "Nine Yang Qi Tai" means good luck and good luck. Also known as "Jiuyang Kaitai".


Gourd gourd is a miniature of heaven and earth, there is a kind of aura, can be used to catch monsters. The temple depicts a picture of the good God fighting with the evil God, in which the gourd is the main treasure of the good God. The gourd is wrapped with orchids, symbolizing.


19, gold jade full goldfish number: goldfish, also known as "golden carp". Cyprinidae. Ornamental fish evolved from crucian carp. There are many kinds. The image of fish as a decorative pattern has long been seen on the painted pottery POTS of primitive society. The jade and bronze wares of Shang and Zhou dynasties are also in the shape of fish. Fish and "Yu" homophone, metaphor, surplus. New Year pictures like this theme. "Full of gold and jade", said wealth is very much. Lao Tzu: "If the hall is full of gold and jade, no one can keep it." It is also used to praise talent and learning. "Shishuo Xinyu · Praise" : "Wang Changshi called Lin Gong:" Really long can be described as gold and jade full hall."


On both sides of the statue of the Guanyin master, there is a pair of boys and girls, the man is called "good money", the woman is called "dragon girl". "Good Fortune Boy" is the son of an elder Fu, because "all kinds of treasures naturally flow out when born", countless treasures come with it. As much money as possible, but good money sees through the world, regards property as dirt, and vows to practice into a Buddha. Under the guidance of Manjusri Bodhisattva, Shancai Tong Zi visited fifty-three masters and entered the Buddhist realm. In the Buddhist sutras, there is a good story of "the son of Good fortune fifty-three ginseng". Finally, he visited Guanyin Bodhisattva in Luojia Mountain, and got the enlightenment of Guanyin and showed the ready-made Bodhisattva. In order to assist the Goddess of Mercy to all sentient beings, now the boy body, become the goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva's left side. He is the "Good Money Boy". Take those who are scarce in the world as the object of reward, as long as you sincerely pray to him, you will make great progress in wealth. It is said that because of the boundless power of Guanyin Bodhisattva, Shancai Tong is very effective and will respond to any request.


21, send the boy holding, wishful, riding on: the legend of the god beast, such as dragon, phoenix, turtle called "four spirits". It symbolizes luck and luck. According to the "Sacred Trace Map" : "Confucius born, see Lin spit jade book." Therefore, "send son", means the sage world, sent children, grow up is the world good material, auxiliary country wise minister also. Folk New Year pictures also show a fairy holding a boy riding on the back, called "heaven fairy send son." With jade book, Ruyi composition pattern called "auspicious", "Ruyi".


Mandarin duck is the best mascot to bless the harmony and happiness of husband and wife. There is a touching legend about the origin of mandarin ducks. It is said that more than two thousand years ago, the state of Jin doctor Hong Pu returned to his hometown, large-scale construction, open up the forest, specially invited a young gardener from the field to complain brother, plant flowers and grass for it. One day, the elder brother is for the podocarpus, suddenly heard someone exclaimed "help", he jumped into the rescue of a young woman, the woman is the daughter of the Hongfu. Hong shop see blame brother from holding up sister, think blame brother molested daughter, then blame brother pain beat, and into prison. Night, sister secretly to explore the complaint brother, will give him a colorful treasure clothes, let him put on, Hong shop learned of the matter, angry, stripping off the complaint brother body color clothes, bound stone will complain brother fall. Sister know this thing, pain, jump into. Early in the morning of the third day, the soul of Brother and sister into two strange birds, male colorful, female hair color brown, double flying double sleep, love is incomparable, this is the Mandarin duck. The mandarin duck has since become a mascot, a symbol of happy love.


The four seasons rose or four seasons flowers inserted into the bottle, the bottle and the flat sound, the year round, month and month happiness.


24, cowboy kite flying cowboy kite: Tang, Meng Jiao "after the entrance" poem: the spring breeze is proud of the horse hooves, a day to see the flowers. Meng Jiao was not willing to be an official when he was young, and only loved to write poems. After the age of forty, he took the exam twice in a row, and only entered the Jinshi exam the third time. A moment of excitement, is to make this "after the entrance" poem. Later, people called Jinshi and Jinshi with "spring breeze", and also referred to success and profit, complacent.

Matters needing attention

There are many styles of jade, whether it is worn by yourself or as a gift to relatives and friends, it is necessary to understand its meaning when purchasing, so this experience is of high guiding significance.