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Is SEO technology easy to learn?

2018-03-06 06:24:00

First of all, we understand the pain of not doing SEO: 1, do not do SEO, you do your website before the money spent in vain, because more than 80% of the network to do the website does not consider SEO, looking at the website is very fancy, not much use! 2, do not do SEO, you have no ranking, there is no lake status, no face! 3, do not do SEO, no customers, no money! 4, do not do SEO, will lead to a bad mood, because there is no customer so bad mood, bad mood to do what is not good, according to the law of attraction, when you are upset, bad things will revolve around you! 5, do not do SEO, customers do not believe you, customers want to check your situation, search on the Internet, nothing! 6,...... So the threshold of SEO is actually relatively low, as long as the computer, typing can basically learn SEO. You don't need to know programming or code to learn SEO. We can learn SEO in just a few steps


One computer, one cable


Site optimization 1, keyword demand audience analysis 2, keyword layout 3, website content optimization 4, user browsing behavior optimization Third, site promotion 1, how to do high-quality external chain 2, how to text, pictures, video "sea, land and air" bombing 3, how to build a brand we only need to make these three points clear, your SEO technology has been brilliant! There is a saying: people who can make money are stupid, poor people are very smart! Why do you say that? Because the people who can make money you give him the method, they do not want so much, he only execute on the line, do naturally have the effect; And some people, you give him the method, he wants to think left and right, this method is OK, is not to do it, naturally there is no effect! No matter how good SEO tutorial, you learn and do not start is equal to not learn! So learning seo does not require you to be more educated, what school you have, you just need to stick to it!


So what are the benefits of learning to do SEO? 1, do SEO, have a ranking, lay the Jianghu status, a search you, bully screen, super force! What a face! 2, do SEO, can let more users, faster to find what he wants to find. 3, do SEO, you can make the website ranking top related keywords, to meet user needs. 4, do SEO, so that people in need can find you faster and more first. 5, do SEO, can make your website ranking naturally top, increase the number of website views, promote website publicity and business development; It's all very effective. 6, do SEO, can save network marketing costs for enterprises (promotion costs far exceed the cost of SEO optimization) 7, do SEO, good mood, eat well incense! Customers automatically come to the door, can make money, have status, have face, can the mood be bad? Good mood, good luck!