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Is it true that vitamin e can coat eyelashes long?

2018-04-20 06:24:49

The Internet is full of ways to lengthen your eyelashes. Some of these include cod liver oil, olive oil, or overnight tea. One of the most common can be said to be vitamin e, then, vitamin e can really make eyelashes longer? To this end, Xiaobian decided to try, it turns out that the eyelashes are not only long, but also become dense, these days in the morning also found that the eyelashes are a little warped. Heart that happy ah! No longer need to take the risk to buy what eyelash growth liquid, otherwise, finally make so many eye diseases is not good.


A lip gloss pen


A box of vitamin e (go to medicine to buy a few dollars can buy, don't buy red, buy yellow)


A small, empty, airtight box, not too big


Pop a vitamin e capsule with a thin needle and squeeze the solution into an empty box for easy daily use


Clean the eyes before going to bed, dip a small amount of vitamin e with a lip gloss pen, and apply it on the root of the eyelashes (not too much, otherwise it will feel blurred in the eyes, but if it gets in, don't worry, there is no harm, just wash it off)


When you wake up the next day, wash it off (don't use too much force, or it will wash off the original eyelashes).


This requires perseverance, in order to achieve the effect, do not think that he has the magic effect of eyelash growth liquid, he is not harmful, and eyelash growth liquid is mostly harmful, so persistence is victory. Finally, I hope everyone who loves beauty can get beauty!