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Is it bad for your health to work in hardware and electrical city

2018-04-17 14:24:46

There is harm. 1, hardware has a very heavy taste of formaldehyde in the natural environment work in the performance of poisoning, to take into account the smoke and dust environmental pollution, a lot of inhalation into the body, will cause pneumoconiosis, occupational diseases suggested that the air pollutants emitted in the work is not qualified, but the actual operation to wear a mask, to avoid smoke inhalation into the respiratory system. Electrostatic powder should be baked at high temperature after electrostatic powder spraying. This will create a small amount of harmful and pungent odor. Improve natural ventilation, exhaust gas to carry out environmental protection solutions. 2, in addition, in hardware work may need to polish this kind of treatment, and polishing treatment will cause more dust, this dust is very easy to deposit in the face of the skin pores, for a long time, the skin pores of soot and vegetable oil is very easy to air oxidation into blackhead acne blocking the skin pores, stretch the face of the skin pores, Too much smoke inhaled into the face is very easy to lead to the face is not smooth, bacteria full of insects to grow. If you want to protect your face skin, it is best to change a job. It is not convenient to change jobs, you need to wear a mask to reduce the contact between the face and the smoke, and you need to scrub your face with toilet paper to remove the smoke during a period of work every day. Before work, you can apply the isolation milk to slightly carry out maintenance on the face, and do a good job of removing makeup and cleaning the face after work. 3, hardware work people must eat more vegetables and fruits moistening the lungs of vegetables and fruits like black fungus, lung food, such as carrots, pears, black fungus, bean OARS, pure honey and so on. There are also pears, pears can produce fluids to quench thirst, clear heat and detoxify cough and phlegm. The most important thing is to pay attention to not having to be in this kind of natural environment for a long time, which is not good for the human body. This kind of office environment may touch some heavy metals, and the impact on the human body is relatively large. Especially women may also affect the effect of pregnancy.