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Is Guangchuanggong a descendant of the original Liu family

2018-04-30 22:24:30

Guangchuanggong is a descendant of the original Liu family. Guang Chuan Gong also known as Benn, number Qing shu. It was the second grandparent of the Hakka Liu Kaiji. Born, Jinshi, Renzong Yanyou Yimao two years of 27 years old Guang Chuan Gong Jin Jinshi, official award Ruijin county from six products. Because of the construction of the city, the Pingdong kou meritorious, promoted to rank Fengyilang. Later, he died in Jing Jing Guang Chuan Gong and Mrs. Yang was buried in Ruijin County Jinji Wei Triangle Pond, dragon eye hole, lion looking at the moon shape. Extended information: Liu Guangchuan's successive heirs and grandchildren in accordance with the ancestral instructions, all over the world, descendants all over the motherland, and countries around the world, elite celebrities, so in the Liu family opened seven public, widely spread the public has dynasties, Gongqing praise, successive generations of heirs and grandchildren work hard, brave to shoulder the burden. When the Chinese nation was in dire straits, he made indelible contributions to the reproduction and prosperity of the Chinese nation for the benefit of the nation. They are the outstanding sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, and they are the outstanding descendants of Kai Qi Gong, and they are worthy of their ancestors. They are shining stars in history. Reference source: Encyclopedia - Guang Chuan Gong