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Import health care products some things

2018-04-10 06:24:34

A few years ago, I was sent to the United States to do market research. Met the Zhang sister of aromatherapy, so I resolutely quit my job and returned home to start a net. I also learn some knowledge about this with her every week. Because I think first of all, the Chinese market is very large, their technological advantages of the world's advanced level, I am really interested in and like it, I want to do it as a career. But now look at it, most people still do not know do not recognize these things, I think it should be a lot of direct marketing in recent years in the international wanton publicity for the sake of pulling the head, so that now people are paranoid, hear is health products physiotherapy products and then polygzhi. I also do not know if my insistence is correct, after all, young people should work hard to do something, or they will regret where the time has gone when they are old, haha hope you young people in entrepreneurship, adhere to their beliefs, go to the last is the winner. Let's hold on together. Because there is too much criticism and do not understand so come up and everyone complain, the heart is still comfortable. Tell me the story of your startup. We encourage each other.