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Imperial chivalrade Su Qie son, Qin Hong kill, Yang Miaoreally favorable degree guide

2018-04-12 04:48:24

Imperial chivalrous guest Su Qi son, Qin Hongshang, Yang Miaoreally favorable degree guide, please see the following experience!


These three people together is actually the way to call Allies from the fire alliance, to reach the third level can talk back with Tong.


First, Su Qier, Su Qier most of the dialogue and the movie is very similar, one of the answers is: I like gold and silver, but I don't like you this sentence is Su Qier's wife once said to him.


The subsequent consultation will increase your understanding, and the liking is actually OK as long as you spend a day with him and answer the question correctly.


Yang Miaozhen is in the snow mountain, but this NPC and He Yufeng disagree, will fight at the beginning, this can not be avoided.


However, Yang Miaozhen's cunning character can give her an empty city as a gift, and black bracelets can also add a lot of good feelings to her.


And Qin Hongshang is behind the characters, after the child red line, Qin Hongshang will appear in the capital market, the last can also develop into a friend partner, as long as the favorable degree is high enough.


Qin Hongshang is slightly sad and philosophical people, when asked why the bad people kill endless, answer everyone has bad, but the degree of bad is different, so that you can get a lot of good feelings.

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