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If the fund accounting

2018-03-07 11:12:00

There are a lot of life bookkeeping apps on the market, a lot of publicity can be asset bookkeeping software, the author under the app store can find all the asset bookkeeping apps, and found that there are only two apps can be good fund bookkeeping


Fund beans. That's what the name sounds like. However, the entry of accounting is relatively deep, mainly to sell funds, and remember funds as a supplement. Support quick record, ordinary purchase, fixed investment accounting


Bedodo, community netizens said that with Bedodo, financial management can have more money. Once inside, shocked, this is not the APP I want in mind, Internet banking, baby, crowdfunding, funds, national debt... Can remember, and are considered very comprehensive and thoughtful, simply "insane."


Similar to the fund beans, support 3 ways to record funds. Remember a fund that has split and dividends before, everything is so natural and comfortable, so accurate.