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HP connected printing machine 5820 display flashing P error how to do

2018-04-11 09:36:56

When the print head is installed on the HP Connected Printing all-in-one 5820, the printer's control panel displays a blinking "P", which indicates that the 5820 is ready to start inking. Before you begin inking, make sure that all ink cartridges are filled with ink, that the printhead is installed correctly, and that the feed box is filled with paper.


Make sure all ink cartridges are filled with enough ink. The amount of ink should be between the maximum and minimum fill lines on the cartridge.


Make sure the print head is installed correctly. After installing the print head, do not open the blue pen holder latch. Opening the latch can cause a serious ink supply system error.)


Load the paper. Load plain white paper into the carton, slide the whole stack down until it stops, and then slide the width guide against the edge of the paper.


Verify that the HP Connected Print All-in-One 5820 is ready to begin the printing process. Verify that the ink cartridge is filled with enough ink, the print head is stuck in place, and the paper is loaded. Calibrate the printer and begin inking. The inking process can take up to 45 minutes, but you can still install software as well as print, scan, and copy while the printer inks.


On the printer control panel, press and hold the "Restore" button for three seconds to start filling. The printer prints the calibration page.


Lift the scanner cover. Place the calibration page print face down on the front right corner of the scanner glass plate, then close the scanner cover. Place according to the engraving on the edge of the glass plate of the scanner.


Close the scanner cover. On the control panel, press the color copy button.


The printer will calibrate the print head. When the rotating line stops and a 0 is displayed on the control panel, the HP Integrated printing Machine 5820 completes inking.