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How to walk from the northwest gate of Hengxin Yuanmingyuan to the ticket gate of Xinyuan

2018-04-03 00:01:00

At present, the Hengyuan Mingyuan New Garden scenic area has opened the New Yuanmingyuan (Spring Garden) and New Garden (Summer Garden). Both gardens are very large. After visiting Spring Garden, if you want to visit Summer Garden, friends who do not have a car need to walk to Summer Garden. Based on the author's real experience, this paper introduces the route from the northwest gate of Chunyuan to the gate of Xiayuan ticket inspection, for the reference of friends who like to travel.




This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Go out and turn right into the main road. It's a downhill road. You can see a bridge in the distance. Go along the main road to the downhill intersection (point A on the picture) and turn left into Road 2.


Follow the two roads until you reach a crossing (Point B) surrounded by houses and gates. Cross the intersection and keep going. The red star on the map marked the place when a, we went to ask the way, the boss was very enthusiastic to show us the way.


Past point B, continue along the second road, this part of the road is longer, and there are few buildings on both sides of the road. After a long walk, we finally reached point C, where we could see a large parking lot and see palatial buildings.


Through the parking lot, see a large stone written "Hengyuan Ming new garden new garden", behind the Western-style building is the summer garden ticket gate.

Matters needing attention

According to the map, the journey is 2.7 kilometers long and takes 36 minutes. It rained on the day of our trip and it took about 41 minutes to get there.


Spring Garden is very big, to visit Spring Garden to walk a lot of roads, will be more tired. From spring Garden to Summer Garden, it is recommended to book a taxi to save energy and time.