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How to use UG to make the slider on the rail move

2018-04-11 11:12:45

The slider moves horizontally on the slide rail, which is called linear movement in motion simulation. This time with the previously created slide for simulation movement, let's have a look.




The creation of the slide kit can refer to the experience cited. An assembly file that assembles the slider to the rails. In the assembly file, change the module to motion; Click Emulation in the upper left corner.


In the Create Simulation dialog box, check Dynamic, component-based simulation. Deselect others.


Create a fixed link, this time the fixed link is the slide rail. Select the slide rail when selecting the object, and check the fixed connecting rod without moving pair.


This content has been taken from experience without authorization


Create a motion pair, the type is slider, select the link as link 2 (the motion link created in the previous step), specify the point as a point on the slider, and the vector is the opposite direction of the Y axis (the vector is the direction of motion) as shown in the figure.


Open the drive option of the motion pair, change the mode of translation to polynomial, and change the speed value to 10.


Click the solution in the upper left corner, set the time to 10, the number of steps to 200, check and press "OK" to solve. After the point is determined, the software automatically calculates. When the list is displayed, the solution is complete. You can view the motion by opening the Results menu and clicking Play above. Linear motion simulation completed.