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How to use straight cloth shopping assistant

2018-05-01 08:00:09

The latest version has more detailed product identification options, brush identification, credit distribution, open age, margin deduction, and other e-commerce hidden data interface. Direct cloth also has double 11 seconds to kill, discount rebates and other functions, so that shopping is not only easy but also affordable.


Go to the direct Shopping Assistant website to download and install the corresponding browser plug-in, or directly go to the browser extension to search for "direct shopping 'xia.


This information is taken from experience without authorization

Make brands transparent and expose fake "foreign brands"

There are many brands, many people will think that it is a well-known foreign brand, in fact, it is exported to domestic sales. The brand option bar of the direct cloth will directly give the information of the birthplace of the brand, the age of creation, etc., so that the false information of some brands has nowhere to hide. According to the head of the direct fabric product, they will work with third parties to introduce brand monitoring features, so that the true quality of the brand can be seen.

Scientific knowledge, attack unconscionable shop

Many novices in online shopping, due to lack of experience, do not have the ability to identify whether the shop is reliable, whether the sale is genuine. Now don't worry, straight cloth use algorithms to help you judge, from now on away from "pit goods"! Of course, veterans will make their own judgments when shopping, so as to reduce the risk, but now the methods of bad merchants are becoming more and more, leading to many experienced people can not help but fall for it. Direct cloth to provide users with more reference data, few people consider the margin, credit distribution, brush orders, to help you make better decisions, shopping more peace of mind. As shown below


It doesn't matter if you don't understand these detection items, the direct cloth automatically generates the detection report to you

Intelligent access to the whole network of the same, the original single, purchasing are not a question

The purpose of online shopping is to buy cost-effective products, but many people often can not find cheaper goods. For example, a flagship adidas shoes sold 447 yuan, through the direct cloth of the same price comparison, you can find that the lowest is 399 yuan, minutes to save 50 yuan ah! The price comparison function of the same type of direct cloth is no exaggeration to say that it is much higher than similar products, even if it is a purchase, the original order, can help you find the same type.


The official Adidas flagship is priced at 447 yuan


Direct cloth the same price comparison function, found that the lowest price is 399 yuan

One-click second kill function

Double 11 is coming, every year, there will be a lot of people can not grab the baby they want, sold out in one second! You don't even have a chance to spend money! With a straight cloth, still afraid to grab the baby? One-click second kill function, so that you can easily grab the baby you want!

Price calendar trend function, let you know the prices in recent months, reject "fake promotions"!

On Double Eleven, many bad businesses will remove the goods from the shelves first, re-set the original price, and then re-put them on the shelves to give consumers the illusion of promotion. In our usual shopping process, there are also some merchants to raise the price, and then discount sales, this "fake promotion" is simply too hateful, but ordinary consumers are helpless to this means, because there is no way to know the historical price. Straight cloth price trend function, so that "fake promotion" nowhere to escape!

Matters needing attention

The version should be 3.0.0 or later