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How to use NFC to swipe a bus pass?

2018-04-08 01:36:54

With the development of science and technology, we have seen a lot of NFC features, NFC is a technology, using NFC you can let data exchange between data. Simply put, with NFC, you can brush the bus, you can brush the location, you can also use as a key card, then how to let us NFC can brush the bus, below we introduce.





View NFC

This article is based on experience


Then, after opening the NFC function, we see the following interface.


Next click on NFC, after the NFC is opened, we find that there is a default money below, right, the default wallet generally includes, Huawei wallet, etc. You can also choose other wallets, but it is better to choose your own wallet, because this way, when you choose a bus card, some bus cards are 10% off.


At this time, you need to open the Huawei wallet, if you are Xiaomi or other brands, you need to open the corresponding wallet system.


Then open the card package in the lower right corner and enter the card package interface.


Then click the + sign and select the bus pass you want to add.


At this time, there will be some bus cards, you need to choose the corresponding bus card according to your own region.


Then we click on the corresponding public card, you can choose to renew, generally 30, 50, 100 yuan. You can pay, you can pay, you can also pay by bank card, some bus cards need card fees, some do not need, this needs you to see clearly.

How to brush the bus

At this time, you have finished the recharge, you can open your wallet when using the bus, and then select the swipe button in the upper left corner.


A bus pass screen will then appear. At this time, he tells you that you need to use the back, that is, the location of the camera, to the place where the bus swipe the card, a person can only brush once, if you want to continue to brush the second person, you need to brush a person after the second time, and so on, the same as the bus card.

Matters needing attention

Some places bus card is a handling fee, need to pay attention to their own.


Swipe your bus card and make sure the NFC function is turned on.