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How to use Chinese medicine to regulate endocrine disorders

2018-04-23 01:36:03

Endocrine disorders how to regulate Chinese medicine? 'Endocrine disorder' represents the unstable state of hormones. Zuguo Medical Science believes that abnormal Qi and blood in the human body can easily lead to abnormal Qi and blood operation, such as dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders or uterine fibroids.


Chinese medicine treatment of endocrine disorders is mainly based on Chinese medicine conditioning


Chinese medicine treatment of endocrine disorders is mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, according to each person's physical condition for dialectical treatment, to see which category of cold, wind, summer, humidity and other external evil, according to the solid, deficiency, Yin, Yang, Qi, blood and other different conditioning, Chinese medicine can remove metabolic stasis in the body, balance female qi and blood, so that the endocrine system to restore normal operation, Generally through the conditioning of qi and blood, removing blood stasis and dispersing the traditional Chinese medicine.


Chinese medicine treatment of endocrine disorders pay attention to the mediation of emotions. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, emotions also have a certain impact on endocrine, the so-called 'emotions' actually refers to people's mental state. "Huangdi's Inner Classic" repeatedly discusses the damage caused by bad mental state to human organs, thinking that "anger hurts the liver", "happy sad", "thinking hurts the spleen", "sad lung", "fear hurts the kidney". Emotions can directly affect the secretion of human estrogen. In the treatment of endocrine disorders, Chinese medicine pays attention to the mediation of emotions because women will have unique emotional performance due to their special physiological and psychological characteristics. Because they are more susceptible to the influence of the external environment, they often have anxiety, anger, depression and other adverse emotions. Therefore, they should actively regulate their emotions and maintain a stable mood and mood to reduce the changes of the skin before and after the special physiological cycle. Keep your spirits up.

Matters needing attention

In addition, in addition to the use of traditional Chinese medicine to treat endocrine disorders, the regulation of endocrine mainly starts from diet and exercise, supplemented by drug treatment if necessary, to develop good eating habits, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, high-protein food, drink more water, supplement the water needed by the body, and participate in various sports and exercises to strengthen physical fitness, but also have scientific rules of life. Do not often stay up late, so as not to destroy the normal physiological laws, resulting in hormone secretion imbalance or even insufficient, and then lead to other diseases, but also to ensure that attention to rest, adequate sleep.