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How to use AUTOCAD to draw doors and Windows and mark doors and Windows

2018-04-03 11:12:09

AUTOCAD is often used in architectural drawing and mechanical drawing, and is popular because of its accurate data drawing and a variety of tools that make it easy to process drawings and change data. In architectural drawings, it is often necessary to draw doors and Windows, as well as the size of doors and Windows, the use of CAD can easily carry out accurate data annotation, below, we will learn how to draw doors and Windows, as well as the size of doors and Windows.


AUTOcad drawing.


Architectural drawings.

Wall, door and window painting

First of all, we open AUTOCAD drawing software, enter the drawing page, we first use "axis net pillar - draw axis net", set the drawing axis net, can facilitate our later operation.


In the pop-up shaft network setting, we set the specific value of the shaft network spacing, and determine the entry mode of the shaft network, which is divided into up and down and left and right, we can try to choose the most suitable shaft network.


After the axis network is set, click OK to output the axis network. Click the left mouse button at the appropriate position of the drawing to determine the position and place the axis network. Then we draw the wall.


Select "Wall -- Draw wall" in the left toolbar, and the wall setting window will pop up. We can set the wall width and other properties in the setting window.


After the wall data is set, we move the mouse to the axis, the system will automatically fit the axis to draw the wall, click the mouse to determine the turning point of the wall, so as to complete the wall drawing.


After the painting of the wall is completed, we can place doors and Windows in the wall, doors and Windows should be integrated with the wall according to our common sense, and can not be separated from the wall, so a reasonable wall line is necessary.


Select "Doors and Windows - doors and Windows" in the left toolbar to enter the door and window placement command, the system will still pop up the door and window setting window in the upper left corner, and you can set according to the prompt.


After completing the basic data setting, click one of the wall lines (the wall line is composed of two lines), you can see the effect after placing, and click the left mouse button to determine the position of the door and window.


In this way, the doors and Windows can be placed. In the shortcut key below the upper left window, we can convert the doors and Windows and choose to place the door or window.

Doors and Windows, and door and window labeling

Doors and Windows are placed in the same way, after the completion of the placement of doors and Windows, we can mark the doors and Windows, doors and Windows are based on the wall, the wall without doors and Windows can not be marked.


In the left toolbar, select "Dimension annotation -- Door and window annotation" to enter the door and window annotation command. At this time, the system will prompt us to select the wall line, and we will move the mouse to the inside of the wall line.


The mouse selects from the inside of the wall line, and pulls a line through the selected wall, and releases the mouse after completion, the system can determine which wall we have selected.


It can be seen that the system automatically marks the doors and Windows of the selected wall, and the data position of the size mark is based on the end of the pull line, so it must be pulled from the inside of the space to the outside, and the mark can be placed outside the space.


According to the same operation, we can complete the specific marking of other wall lines, and walls without doors and Windows cannot be marked; When marking, the wall will be the main body, the doors and Windows as the partition point, and the doors and Windows spacing will be marked. The line is green by default, and the data is white by default.

Matters needing attention

When placing doors and Windows, it is necessary to be precise in order to correctly mark doors and Windows.


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