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How to treat uterine adenomyosis, what are the harms?

2018-03-19 22:24:00

Uterine adenomyopathy is not a tumor, but it is necessary to alert if uterine myoma is present. Clinical data show that about half of the patients with uterine adenomyoma can be combined with uterine myoma. In the case of uterine uterine myoma, gynecological examination may reach the enlarged uterus and present a local tubercle bulge, which can be differentiated by B-ultrasonography. This is the most difficult for most patients to endure symptoms, long-term premenstrual, menstrual period sustained lower abdominal pain or lumbosacral pain, continued disease will radiate to the anal door, perineum, vagina and inner thigh. Therefore, pain often causes patients to worry about anxiety, and the development of local lesions makes the pain progressively worse, and in severe cases, patients will toss and turn, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and even pale. Second, abnormal menstruation is often one of the external manifestations of female physical health, and most women with menstrual disorders have low self-health evaluation. The specific manifestations of dysregulation of menstrual period in patients with uterine adenomyopathy are: early menstrual period, long menstrual period, and many monthly passes, and some patients often cause anemia due to many monthly passes. The incidence of uterine adenomyopathy is high, and it is also one of the important causes of uterine adenomyopathy. About 30-50% of patients with uterine adenomyopathy are accompanied by infertility, so we must be highly vigilant about uterine adenomyopathy. Fourth, the clinical data prove that even if adenomyosis patients are normal pregnancy, the probability of natural flow during pregnancy is much higher than that of normal people, especially patients with diffuse uterine adenomyosis, which has a huge impact on pregnancy. There is the possibility of cancer in uterine adenomyosis, especially when uterine adenomyosis is not treated or cured for a long time, and gradually evolves into serious uterine adenomyosis, the probability of cancer is several times higher than that of normal people.