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How to strengthen the bomb hall 12?

2018-05-01 03:12:11

"Bullet House" is a domestic Q version of the shooting competitive web game without downloading, developed by the 7th Avenue, known as the combination of human crazy tank and adventure island. In the game, you can use the keyboard to operate, compete with different players, use different weapons, there will be different shell effects, as well as a variety of clothing props, feel stimulating, interactive, pleasant game experience.


Mouse operation.


Keep as many sets of strong fossils as possible, so confidence will increase, and luck will follow.


This page is taken from experience without authorization


Some people use synthetic stone, I use strong fossils to pad, note that the success rate of the pad should be similar to the target reinforcement success rate.


In fact, strengthening is not too difficult, mainly to recognize that it is their own strengthening, not others, don't envy others and equipment on a few. The more to the back, the more to calm, if a group of strong 8, then strong 9 you will save enough for two groups, strong 10 on 4 groups, strong 11 on 8 groups, strong 12 on more than 10 groups. Don't listen to people who say they can hit one group and forget about the risks. Just imagine, a few days of hard work to earn a strong fossil is not worth much, the body is less strong fossils or endure, endure again, I wish all friends can +12.

Matters needing attention

At present, the strengthening tips on the Internet do not believe too much, a few seconds a few times also do not need to succeed, how to succeed!