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How to solve the ipad color anomaly

2018-03-01 04:48:00

I don't know if you have experienced this. When using our iPad, we always feel that the color of the screen will automatically change. In fact, these situations can be solved in the Settings. Let's learn from me.


Apple iPad: 2018


First of all, we find the "Settings" function of the iPad desktop system and click to go to the Settings main page.


After opening [Settings], click "We" in the left function bar to select "Display and Brightness" and click "Night View" on the right;


After clicking "Night View", we can adjust the control button of "color temperature" and slide left and right to see the color change on the screen. Here, set the control button on the normal part in the middle to adjust the color;


You can also click [wallpaper] to turn off the function of [Dark appearance down Dark wallpaper] on the right.


1. Open [iPad], click [Settings], select [Display and Brightness], and click [Night View]; 2. Adjust the control button of [color temperature] to the middle to adjust the normal color; 3, click [wallpaper] left slide to close [dark appearance down dark wallpaper] to adjust the normal color.

Matters needing attention

If there are special conditions of vision, it is recommended to adjust to warm colors.