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How to set up and adjust tinder security networking control

2018-05-10 17:36:34

Tinder security software is a more conscientious security protection software, the author has been using, today to introduce how to set the network control function in network defense, I hope you can also refer to the operation, improve the security of the system.


Under normal circumstances, the installation of tinder, is not open the network control, if you do not want to be disturbed can not open this setting, but if you are facing a more complex Internet environment, it is recommended to open this switch, as shown in the figure


After opening this function switch, whenever we need to use some software or some networking services, a dialog box will pop up first, let us set the networking behavior, as shown in the figure, there are allow networking, block networking and trust the program Settings, but also set to remember the operation, the next time for the same request will not prompt


This article is based on experience


In addition to the passive prompt that requires networking operations, we also actively add and modify networking rules. We enter the setting interface as shown in the following figure, and select network defense and network control


After entering the network control, we can see the list of existing rules, and we can modify each of them, including modifying the control mode, or deleting the rule and reconfiguring it next time


Finally, we can also click the setting effective mode as shown in the figure, after entering, we can set some simple release conditions and behaviors, and adjust the configuration to better suit our own habits

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