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How to repair refrigerator door paint

2018-04-11 01:36:02

The living standard is high, the refrigerator has become a necessary household appliances, the dazzling array of food in the refrigerator highlights the abundance of life, the refrigerator in addition to the storage function, can also play a decorative role, but the refrigerator has been used for a long time, the paint off is not good-looking, especially the refrigerator door, the paint off what to do? Here's how to fix it.


After the refrigerator door is painted off, first look at where the paint is off, buy refrigerator paint according to the range of paint off, if the paint off is more, so that the refrigerator door becomes mottled and ugly, you can also change the color of the refrigerator, not only the refrigerator door place, even the whole refrigerator can be replaced.


In addition to the refrigerator paint has fallen, and the parts around the paint must also be unstable, the part that is about to fall down, when removing the paint, remove more than one piece, otherwise after painting, there may be signs of unstable connection around.


Before repairing the surface of the paint, wipe the dirty things above first, to ensure that there is no dirt on the surface, and then tape the place around the paint that does not need to be patched first, so that it will not get everywhere when painting, and it is difficult to clean after the paint brush.


If it is repaired, you need to buy the same or similar color paint with the refrigerator, you need to buy a special refrigerator paint, refrigerator paint can be brushed or sprayed, but the spraying effect is better.


When painting the refrigerator door, spray several times, spray on a thin layer each time, and then spray the second layer after dry, generally spray three times, spray, try to connect with the surrounding paint, the more you can't see the trace effect the better.


In order to prevent the refrigerator from falling paint, the refrigerator at home should be placed in a dry place as far as possible, often wipe the dirty things on the surface, when opening the refrigerator door, try to keep your hands clean, open the refrigerator door to be light, and try not to let the refrigerator be bumped, otherwise the paint will be more troublesome.