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How to recuperate the body by drinking alcohol? Eat some health and comfort!

2018-04-22 06:24:39

In daily life, many people need to participate in a lot of social activities because of work or communication, etc., in the process of social interaction will inevitably involve drinking, eating and other situations, in fact, these situations will bury a lot of health risks. So, how should people who drink more alcohol in their daily socials regulate their bodies?


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Eating food before drinking alcohol can not only form some protection in the stomach and reduce irritation to the stomach wall, but some foods can also make alcohol and food mix together, reduce the concentration of alcohol and delay the absorption of alcohol. It is recommended to eat some starch foods before drinking, such as steamed bread and bread foods, because the large molecules of starch can combine with alcohol, and then play the role of delaying alcohol absorption, and yogurt with plant gum thickening agent has the effect of protecting the gastric mucosa, which can form a protective film in the stomach, thereby reducing the absorption of alcohol. In addition, in the process of drinking, it is also necessary to eat more green leafy vegetables, soy products and other foods that are beneficial to the liver.


3, three meals balanced diet, taste light often drink people, three meals to a balanced diet, first of all to meet the needs of the human body for heat, secondly, try to do light diet, because long-term drinking will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, so that the gastrointestinal mucosa mucus secretion increased, and then induce some gastrointestinal problems, so daily should eat less spicy and greasy food, taste should not be too heavy.


In addition, people who are entangled in paying and drinking how to regulate the body can also appropriately take products with auxiliary liver protection effect on a daily basis, Jiangan liver protection tablets, containing four liver protection components, can play an effective role in liver protection and liver protection.