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How to raise a good chrysanthemum?

2018-04-07 17:36:51

How to raise a good chrysanthemum? Here is to share with you the valuable experience of teacher Feng Tianzhe in this respect, hoping to help friends who like flowers.


Artemisia, also known as russula, is a perennial subshrub. Inflorescence, white or pale yellow with tongue flowers, yellow in shape, flowers almost all year round, but peak in spring. Suitable for flower bed, flower border.


It likes warm and humid environment, avoid high temperature and humidity, and avoid cold resistance. It is suitable for loose and fertile soil, rich in humus and smooth drainage. Keeping good chrysanthemum is mainly to do timely picking heart, reasonable water and fertilizer and cooling heat prevention work.


After potted, the cuttings are cored for the first time when they reach 10~ 12cm in height to promote branching. After 1~2 times as needed, the plants will be dwarfed, and the leaves will be thick and the flowers will be numerous. The basin soil can be mixed with 4 parts of rotting leaf soil, 5 parts of garden soil and 1 part of sand soil, and planted in a tiled basin with a diameter of 20~25cm.


During the growth period, a thin cake fertilizer water is generally applied every 10 to 14 days, and during the flower bud differentiation period, liquid fertilizer based on phosphate fertilizer is applied 1 to 2 times, and fertilization is stopped after bud development. Watering should see dry see wet, to dry some is better.


Chrysanthemum is afraid of heat, after the summer is getting hot, the leaves will appear yellow phenomenon, at this time can be cut off the upper branches and leaves, and the pot is moved to a cool and ventilated place with shade to cultivate, often spray water, cool and increase application, stop fertilization and control watering, so that it enters a semi-dormancy state.


After the cool autumn, re-turn the pot to change the soil, strengthen the fertilizer and water management, and enter the growth period, you can continue to bloom. The main propagating method is cutting. Cutting time according to the predetermined flowering period to determine, such as for the "51" festival of flowers, need to be cut at the end of August and early September of the first year; If the flowers need to be seen before and after the yuan, they can be cut in the spring of the first year.

Matters needing attention

Sharing is a summary of the professional course knowledge learned during the university, the copyright belongs to the original author of "raising flowers to solve 1000 questions" edited by Feng Tianzhe Yu Shu, only hope to take this valuable experience to share with friends in need, thank the teacher during the university teaching.


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