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How to polish small leaf rosewood

2018-04-04 03:12:47

Lobular rosewood how to polish, lobular rosewood string production and processing of the last procedure is polishing polishing, some friends of this lobular rosewood polishing number is more interested, but not very understand, do not know how to polish lobular rosewood, the number of eyes is appropriate. Today, Xiaobian will describe in detail what skills the next polishing time, hoping to help more literary fans.


Today, let's briefly talk about the understanding of polishing mesh number for you. Generally, most of the processed strings are polished to about 1000 mesh, this process is also a gradual process, from 200-600-800-1000 mesh step type grinding, step by step grinding off the scar, many friends who want to experience the grinding process in the purchase of sandpaper also want to buy different mesh sandpaper to polish, This will have better results.


When sanding, use a cloth while sanding to ensure cleanliness, and do not polish together with wood powder. When grinding, you can consider wearing gloves, grinding a few times and then wiping it off, so the cycle goes on. The sandpaper used for grinding is gradually polished from 80 mesh to 3000 mesh, especially when sanding with low mesh sandpaper, be sure to pay attention to carefully, do not leave abrasion marks and scratches. In addition, when polishing to 2000, you can use a slightly wet rag to wipe it, and then continue to polish it, until it is polished to 3000 eyes, and then directly rub with soft cloth such as cotton or stockings, and finally there will be a glass-like crystal clear sense.


Fine grinding method: The fine grinding method is a faster coating method than the soybean polishing method. Literally, it can be seen that it is a very fine grinding method, note that it is not polishing oh first of all, after getting the rosewood beads, it is still placed for a week, so that it can adapt to the environment, natural oxidation, and improve stability. Then, take the beads apart and prepare the sandpaper for 600-5000 purposes. Because a lot of rosewood beads on the market are only polished to 600 mesh, the surface is relatively rough. Then cut the sandpaper into squares, four centimetres square. Get a sanding needle and start with 600 mesh in sequence, sanding the bead along the grain. Every time you change a mesh of sandpaper, you need to sand off the mark of the previous mesh sandpaper. Remember, it is polished along the grain, and there is water grinding, so that each rosewood bead is polished to 2000 mesh, and then stop, and place it for a day to dry (small rosewood beads have high density, less water absorption, so it dries fast, other wood, depending on the situation) after drying the beads you carefully observe, there will be thin burrs standing up, At this time, you start polishing from 1500 mesh, and then put it in the dry, and then polish directly 3000 5000 mesh is OK. Wait until the rosewood beads dry, can not directly start, to borrow a suede disc to play for a few days and then start. When playing with the overhand disc, wash your hands, so that the beads out of the disc are the glass bottom, and the time to get started is fast, and the natural paste will be fast. Also a reminder is that if it is a scarred bead, apply a layer of glue before polishing, in order to prevent cracking. Of course, scar should try not to use this quick method.

Pros and cons of high toss

After high casting, the beads are particularly bright, just like glass beads, brown eyes are not very clear, the density is not good to judge, and then it is not good to see the oiliness of the beads, so try to avoid the purchase of high casting beads, the surface covers the truth. Highly polished beads are afraid of the hand, no disc play is already bright and good-looking, which is equivalent to when you receive the beads it is the most beautiful form, and can not play the disc is missing some changes in the appearance of the beads during the process of playing, reducing the fun of playing the disc. Play small leaf rosewood string, or through their own hand dish out is the true truth.


How many eyes is too high? Coarse cloth veil gloves or cloth bags are about 1000 mesh or more, fine cotton gloves are about 3000 mesh, silk is about 4000 mesh, and the hand reaches 5000 mesh, so the three less think that higher than 5000 mesh is a high throw, like 7000-12000 purpose, it is simply impossible to get started. General polishing does not affect disk play, but high throw is not good, high throw is beautification, can only be "far view and not obscene play".


The hardness of the wood is not so high, and the edge of the brown line will be more rounded when the object is thrown high, which has a visual auxiliary effect. Especially oily good, delicate material, high throw after giving people the feeling is no brown eyes. However, after playing for a period of time, the object became oxidized and dark, and the powder in the brown eye was also dropped from the disc, and the brown eye was revealed.

Playing method

Small leaf rosewood itself has a lot of oil, the process of playing is to play out the oil in the beads, and the body of the human body to form the paste! When the paste is formed, the beads are already very transparent, and the good bead wood enters the three points. Therefore, high throwing is not necessary, enjoy the process of disc play, enjoy the joy of playing. I hope everyone can find fine and oily good beads to plate, which is the premise of the plate effect. When it comes to small leaf rosewood bracelet, we have to talk about the three sandalwood headed by small leaf rosewood. In the field of small leaf rosewood collection, many experienced players are basically non-sandalwood do not buy, the main reason is still in this industry is basically ten sandalwood nine leave, shoddy too much, even experienced people will inevitably take medicine often. What about ordinary consumers? When you just received the small leaf rosewood string, try not to play the disc, first shelved for about 5 days. Because there are certain differences in the environment and climate of each place, especially from the north to the south, the small leaf rosewood bracelet is easy to cause cracking phenomenon. It won't be worth it then. The placement process allows rosewood to adapt to your surroundings, and it is recommended to place it in the place you contact most often. Then after placing, how should we correctly play small leaf rosewood string? (1) After placing, it is recommended to wear pure cotton gloves to play, do not directly start, otherwise it will destroy the oiliness of rosewood itself (conditional friends can use silk or buckskin to play, the effect is better). Wear gloves just gently rub, do not use too much force, otherwise it will wear off the Venus and destroy the oiliness of the surface of the beads, play for about 30 minutes each time, the purpose is to make the oiliness of the surface of the leaflets more uniform.


(2) The disc is placed seven days for seven days, and is sealed in a sealed bag after each disc is played. Of course, you don't have to follow this time exactly, but it is best to put fewer plates and more. When playing, be sure to pay attention to be gentle, not too rough, it is best to develop the habit of playing after washing and drying your hands.


(3) After 1 month of disc play, you can wear the hand, this time the beads have formed a preliminary paste, you can not deliberately remember how long to play, as long as the hand string is more oily, you can play the disc, the disc to some dry beads do not plate again.


(4) Repeated 2-4 steps can be played, the whole process is not recommended, the sweat on the hand will destroy the oiliness of the beads, resulting in beads

Matters needing attention

The above is the small leaf rosewood on the high throwing problem of some experience to share with you, for your reference!