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How to Play Video at double speed _ How to play at double speed

2018-03-08 11:12:00

Now a lot of video software to achieve double speed playback, the new iosapp has also updated this function, so how to double speed video playback _ how to double speed accelerated playback? Now let me introduce to you, I hope to help you.


First of all, the app needs to be updated to the latest version, we open the app store to update to the latest version


Then open and click to watch a video


Once opened, we click on the full screen as shown in the image to watch the video


After opening the full-screen playback page, you can see that the position as shown in the figure has double speed, we click double speed


On the right side of the page expands several times the speed, for example we click on 2x speed


The video successfully plays at twice the speed

Matters needing attention

Sharing makes life better, I hope some of my life experience can bring you help! If there are any inadequacies in this experience, I hope you will point out that I will correct them in time.