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How to play Crowded City? "Crowded city" walkthrough

2018-03-03 16:00:00

"Crowded city" is very fun, but some friends always can not be ranked first, the following Xiaobian provides the guideline, I wish you have fun.


Crowded City software


Start to quickly find the little white man, as long as you get close to the little white man, the little white man will be dyed the same color as your character, your team will grow.


If you have the largest number of characters, a crown will appear on your head, and you can fight any enemy, as shown below.


As shown in the picture below, the blue figures outnumber the pink ones, so the pink is dyed blue.


The numbers around indicate the direction and number of follow-up villains, if there are more than you, you must stay away, if there are fewer than you, you can pursue and destroy.


When the number of their own villains is relatively large, you can eliminate a small number of characters, as shown in the figure below, after getting close, they will be automatically eliminated.


When the number is completely dominant, do not look for the little white people to dye, to find the enemy to fight, according to the arrows around the screen to find the enemy.


As shown in the picture below, finding a large wave of enemies and engaging in a big fight can be fun in the game, but only if your number of villains is superior.


In the process of fighting, the enemy will run away, we must catch up and destroy the clean.


Xiaobian found a large wave of enemies to fight, after the fight, their team will be stronger. Time is limited, but the fun of the game is infinite.


After the end of the game, there will be a leaderboard, Xiaobian won the title. Then click the "Click to continue" button.


After winning, there will be a hero list, and the following figure shows that the opening team of Xiaobian has added two villains.


Below is the team before the game, with only four villains.


After winning the hero list, the number of characters increased to 7, which is very favorable for the start of the next game.

Matters needing attention

Games are fun, but don't get addicted.