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How to PK Aion Magic

2018-03-08 09:36:00

Many beginners just play Aion of course do not know Aion magic how to PK? The following Xiaobian take you to understand!


Aion, the theme of the game is "war", the story around the dragon clan, the main god and the dragon clan between the conflict, launched a struggle. The player can choose between the sky or the Devil, while the dragon is the monster and the NPC. There are competing, antagonistic, or cooperative relationships among the three, and players can experience large-scale race battles. Celestials and Demons can work together to attack Dragons, or they can accept NPCS as companions to reduce the territory of opposing players.


Magic vs. Magic: In fact, compared with professional PK is the equipment and operation, but for magic, there is also a point to see who shot first! If it is a frontal battle, it is best to be silent first, because the magic way is silent after it is waste, some people may say that the tree is changed first, but if the other party is silent, and you are at the same time, then the person who changed the tree must lose, because when the other party recovers the tree, you are still being silent. This means that the two abilities have different recovery times. In short, grasp the opportunity, it doesn't matter how to play behind, I am used to close with air conditioning call. There is no chance for the enemy to escape. (If the two sides are evenly matched, you can use the time warp ability to give yourself the upper hand, but pay attention to the direction of release of this ability). Motao Stars can freely use water, fire, wind, earth and other elements. And can use a strong mental force to control the inherent destructive power contained in nature to strike the enemy, but also can freeze the enemy. The magic of Mordor is so powerful that it can kill an enemy just once. In contrast, Mordor is weak in melee combat. Magic star casting is focused on mental concentration, so it is difficult to cast magic when under physical attack. At the same time, the magic path has strong control ability. (Can wear cloth armor, can wear treasure jade and Fa book, mainly use Fa book) represents skills: tree change, magic flame, ice armor, storm force, ice force.


Magic VS Genie: Genie Star is a very powerful profession, if you are scared by the genie 3 times, it is generally difficult to survive, but when you are attacked, you will automatically move, so you can often escape the attack range of the genie, so there is still a chance to turn over. So for the magic Way, the elf star is only a threat to their own. In actual combat, if 1V1 and elves meet, each will release a skill, as a magic way, in the elves instantaneous fear you at the same time is the opportunity to release silence or cold (ice), if the release of silence, then you are changed time and silence time offset, then the magic can be free to play, change tree control or direct up close attack can be. If you first out of the cold (ice), the other side will also be slowed down, in your changed state, the genie attacks you, you will automatically escape, then the slowed spirit is also unable to release too many skills to hurt you. Elvish's power comes from being close to elves. Elf Star can summon elves, command elves to fight, and add magic that can improve your abilities. It can be said that according to different situations to recruit the corresponding elf star can be regarded as the commander of the elf. At first, the Elf star can only use simple technology. As the level increases, the Elf Star can use more methods to command the elf. At the same time, the Elf has the strongest control ability and weakening ability of aion, and even can transform the enemy into the Elf. The field control ability is very strong (can wear cloth armor, can wear treasure jade and Fa book, mainly use treasure jade). Elemental Breath (4 kinds), Summoning: Elemental Spirit (4 kinds), Soul Cry, Command:, Curse of the Spring, Curse of the Cloud.


Magic vs. Protection: Personal feeling that the star is a career that both output and can add blood, as if there are 3 syncope skills (do not know much about the profession), playing this profession is actually the key to control, for the master, the success of controlling each other once is equal to victory, if your skills can be used, Bondage (tree change)+ Hellfire + sleep + delayed explosion + air bondage (release at the same time close)+ cold air call + cold (freezing)+ cold air call, under normal circumstances to play protection, skills to air bondage must have hung each other, silent skills can not be put, or even can not put hellfire, to retain a few more skills for yourself: Tree change + delayed explosion + air binding + cold air call (this is the most economical and save skills way) if the protection is not dead, you can also make up a few moves, in short, the overall situation has been decided! The Dharma Star can be illustrated in terms of precepts and beliefs. The Dharma Star cultivates both the body and the spirit, and is not only proficient in healing, attacking, and strengthening magic, but also has a first-class ability to use the staff. Because it is also from the sacrificial transfer, so the Dharma star also has the ability to heal. But its real power is a strengthening spell that strengthens the abilities of the team members. A gorgeous series of physical attacks comparable to the Sword Star, instantly shattering the idea that the Dharma Star is a sacrificial dedicated to incantation. The Guardian Star usually focuses on improving the abilities of the team members, but in the event of a crisis, the Guardian Star also becomes an excellent warrior using the staff for melee combat. (Can wear cloth armor, lock armor, leather armor, can wear a scepter, shield, scepter, mainly use the scepter) represents skills: Advocacy spell, mantra, Curse, Iron Wall spell, impact lock, break.


Magic VS cure: the profession of wet nurse is really a headache, playing wet nurse still depends on luck, if you can control the other party, and the big move can be used in the case, it is completely able to kill the other party. But if there is resistance in a skill set, then it is more troublesome. The more coquettish wet nurse will control the distance and run with you, slowly torture you. All you have to do as a demon is grab the other: Bound (tree change)+ hellfire + sleep + delayed explosion + air bound (release at the same time close)+ silence + cold air call + bitter cold (freezing)+ cold air call + fire cage + cold air call, most of the blood of 45 level wet nurse is more than 7000, so many times to the air bound skill there is a second to die each other, so wet nurse may have a instantaneous opportunity to add, Therefore, following the silence and other skills, pay attention to the bondage and winter bondage in the middle, do not let it run away. Be careful not to release the silence too early, silence is the key to kill the nurse!! After releasing the silence you must kill the enemy within the silence time, otherwise run and wait for the skill CD. The Healing Star can use mana to strengthen or heal, or even use a resurrection spell to revive the character when their soul and body are separated. The Healing Star's main task is to restore team members in the rear and perform support such as enhanced magic, but during brawl, the Healing Star can also transform into a battle mage with a staff and shield, and has weakening abilities. (Can wear armor, armor, leather, can wear scepter, shield, scepter, mainly use scepter and shield) represents skills: Summon resurrection, healing grace, passivation Hammer (4.5 New skills), Thunderbolt, lightning, weakened Seal, dried breath, broken voice, destruction power.


Magic VS Guardian: Kill the guardian is really tired, also very dangerous, especially now hanging too strong, physical attack type occupation are too strong, ha ha, but not hanging outside the guardian can still win, change tree + hellfire + sleep + delay explosion + air bondage + cold, etc., in short, it is slowly grinding, magic way by control skills grinding to death, even if the guardian opened the balance is useless, Magic way to control the distance is nothing more than to play for a while, note that as long as the shield of magic way is not broken, the guardian can not pull you, but if the shield is broken, the guardian's pulling skills should be careful, in short, it is high attack low defense VS high defense low attack, it depends on your level. Guardian Star Guardian Star is, as the name suggests, a good guardian profession. A sword in one hand, a shield in the other, and spells of protection and healing. It is worth noting that the shield is not a pure defensive prop, but a second weapon. Guardian stars are often at the forefront of the battlefield with their whole body against enemy attacks to protect their team. But the guardian is not the only role of the guardian star, to attack their enemies to fight back is the instinct of the guardian star. (Can wear all types of equipment, can wear a small number of metal weapons, mainly use long sword, physical shield, big sword) represents skills: capture, guardian armor, healing hand, comrade protection.


Magic way VS Sword star: Magic way to play sword star is actually relatively easy, as long as don't let sword star grab feet and knock down on the connection, he should not kill you, be grabbed feet into a tree or bondage, no longer put winter bondage, see you reflect, as long as don't let the enemy close you are safe. In the case of no external hanging, the magic way to play sword star is very easy, I am equipped to play some life stones, if the enemy does not open hanging, even if he is caught by the foot and then knocked down also kill me, because I can take medicine! Don't say much about sword star, how you like to play freely. Sword Star is good at melee and range attack, can use different weapons according to different situations, is a weapon master. Sword battle methods and effective skills are basically fixed, so the average ability of Sword is higher than other classes. But simple operation does not represent the charm of Sword Star, Sword Star can be no less gorgeous combat according to different skill combinations than killing star or bow star. (Can wear all types of equipment, can wear most metal weapons, mainly use halberds) represents skills, bloodsucking wave, grab foot, understab, assault posture.


Magic VS Kill star: more disgusting occupation, I plus BUFF4500 blood, often kill star a set of skills to kill seconds, do not know whether it is open or equipped. I play those well-known kill star is generally lose more win less, the only time to win is to escape first, and then a time and space distortion let the enemy lose the target, using this less than 1 second time to change the tree, if the tree is successful, then the air bondage, if it is successful, then it is victory, otherwise it is waiting for death. Also often encounter a situation is, when you warp time and space, the enemy quickly locked to you, this time when you make the enemy into a tree at the same time, you are also dizzy, then when you wake up remember to catch up on sleep, as for those who say what kill star avoidance what, I think PK is difficult to pay attention to what skills he opened, because both sides are second kill type, So as long as you become a successful tree, it means that he does not have those avoidance skills, you will catch up on sleep and air bondage, success is a second kill, at most is to fill a cold + fire cage thing. Kill Star As an assassination technology expert, Kill Star can sneak up on the enemy in a hidden state, and attack the enemy's vital parts in an instant to bring great damage. The strategies used to kill stars can be divided into "aiming at the enemy's back" and "dealing huge damage instantly". Although it is a very simple strategy, the techniques used to kill stars are endless. Therefore, finding an effective fighting method that suits you is the key to killing the star. (Can wear cloth armor, leather armor, can wear short sword, long sword, bow. The main use of dual short sword) represents skills: surprise cut, pattern engraving, chain pattern explosion, stealth.


Magic vs. Bow Star: Bow star seems to be born to restrain magic, there is only one way to kill bow star, first control the distance, so that the other party can't hit you, and then space-time distortion, out of the other party's lock, instant tree change, and then air bondage, and the way to deal with killing star is the same. Bow star has to adopt the corresponding tactics according to different situations, need to set the trap moment, need to use the bow moment, need to recover the moment and so on not miss each moment to be called an excellent bow star. In order to cope with various situations, the bowstar must always be aware of its surroundings and requires precise combat techniques. Although the operation is a bit difficult, Bowstar is a charming class that can use all the skills you have to fight. The bow star can be transformed to improve its fighting ability (can wear cloth armor, leather armor, can wear bow, short sword, long sword). The main use of bow) represents skills: Impact trap, Blast Blast Thunder, transformation: Lecarn, Silent Arrow, Seal Arrow.