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How to open/remove the nut back cover

2018-03-03 03:12:00

Today just started nuts, one of the characteristics of nuts is to provide red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple seven back cover to choose from, the back cover is free to disassemble. However, for the new people who have just taken over this model, the removal of the back cover looks a little difficult, today I will share with you how to easily remove the back cover of nuts.




A pair of nimble hands


Now let me tell you how to remove the back cover, the following is the complete back picture


The place marked by the picture is specially designed to buckle the groove of the back cover, gently buckle up with the nail, it is worth mentioning that this is the place to buckle up, the use of ingenuity, the designer designed a card slot next to the groove, so it is not particularly difficult to buckle open


As shown in the following picture, first open the left side a little, then to the right, or directly open the left side, I open the left side and then open the right side, as shown in the second picture


After the bottom buckle is opened, it is easy to say, and then press both sides to the center as shown by the arrows in the picture, and the back cover slowly opens from the bottom to the top, which is why I feel that the back cover of the nut is designed to be striped, and the back cover can bend towards the middle


You open it and you see the back


Here is a mention, look at the back cover, there is a card slot near the bottom near the middle groove, the beginning of the buckle is to buckle this card slot open, and then buckle a little further that card slot, this design is also to save effort, simple


Then say the installation of the back cover, according to my installation method is to first jam the top card slot, and then jam other card slots, do the perfect extreme on the line, haha, here, my share is finished sharing, feel helpful to you click a "like", haha ~~

Matters needing attention

Because the first time to open the back cover may not be particularly good buckle, but also can not use brute force, if repeatedly to buckle broken, to have perfectionism feelings, after using ingenuity to open once, it will be easy to open


Forget to mention that when you start to buckle, don't buckle directly up, but push the buckle towards the fuselage, which is easier