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How to open funeral leave certificate

2018-04-16 01:36:24

Funeral leave is a leave given to an employee in the event of the death of his or her immediate family members (spouse, parents, children). Funeral leave can be given one to three days of leave according to the specific situation of the employee, if it is necessary to go abroad to attend to the funeral, it can be given the distance leave. During the funeral leave, the salary and bonus are paid as usual, and the transportation expenses on the way are all taken care of by the employees themselves




1, leave, you need to do a good job in the application, funeral leave other materials can be completed after the return.


2. A copy of the death certificate or cremation certificate of the deceased person is sufficient


3, employees and relatives of deceased persons, household registration book or street office opened rectification.

Matters needing attention

Different requirements may be different, consult your HR in advance.