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How to open a blue diamond

2018-03-05 08:00:00

There are many ways to open Tencent virtual business, Q coin opening, online bank payment, etc., of course, there are also ways to open ~ so how to open blue diamond? Now let me teach you how to open a blue diamond. Note: The opening method here is the normal payment channel opening method, not the method of cracking the loophole such as brush drilling.


Tencent recharge


First, open the Tencent top-up website, and then log in to your account.


Select "Service Open", then click on "Blue Diamond" and select "Open".


After selecting, select "More" in the opening mode, and then select "".


Enter your, and you will receive the relevant prompts from the system. Next, follow the relevant prompts to send SMS messages, and then reply to SMS messages, so that the service is successfully opened.


Then we saw that our blue diamond business was successfully opened, haha, let's try it.

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