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How to match spring clothes

2018-04-02 04:48:43

Spring is coming, people's clothes are constantly updated, every season will be out of some popular styles, we can match some, today with everyone to try to match.




A little puffy clothes on the upper body will make people appear fatter, but we can choose tight calf pants when matching the lower body, so that the overall figure will appear more symmetrical.


Striped shirt wearing waistcoat with jeans Striped shirt can choose a lighter style when wearing, outside can wear a medium long waistcoat so that people will appear slender, the lower body with straight leg jeans do not be too loose.


Hoodie with loose jeans hoodie is the best collocation of jeans, the style of hoodie is actually relatively monotonous so that we can choose some colors or patterns when choosing jeans, so as to avoid the upper or lower body all too monotonous.


Shoulder sleeve with bell bottoms shoulder clothes will show people's sexy, but in terms of wearing, it is still recommended that you wear sexy upper body when the lower body is relatively conservative, and we can not be too stuffy, in order to set off the figure of the lower body can choose a larger bell bottoms.


Long sleeve shirt with pleated skirt We will have a lot of people like to wear shirts, in fact, there are more types of shirts, not like we think that the kind of professional shirt style can be matched according to their own likes, when the upper body is wearing a lady can be matched with a long skirt.


At the end of spring, we can wear a short-sleeved T-shirt with capri pants or cropped pants at the bottom. This will make people feel cool, and the loose version of clothes will also make people feel smart.

Matters needing attention

The collocation of clothes is not only the fit of the style but also pay attention to the color.