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How to match a spring dress

2018-04-02 01:36:09

Spring dress season, all kinds of dresses perfect, easy to wear a slim figure oh. So how do you put together a spring dress? Below is a few recommended dress skirt collocation method, together to learn the skirt thin matching skills.


Short denim jacket with white flowing long dress, white flat shoes, very fairy match, simple and stylish. Very interesting, with a little bit of bourgeois.


White three-dimensional flower small shirt with ginger high-waist skirt, simple and crisp, black bow small waist seal. Little black coat over it. Revel in the sweet little spring wind.


Long nude suit with gray sweater dress, very professional, simple and fashionable, with a small belt, outline belt, thin.


Blue and white polka dot off-the-shoulder dress with a woven purse and black bow pumps. Like a small touch of spring, with black heels, simple fashion.


Red chiffon tunic with apricot skirt, black leggings. Spring also needs such an eye-pleasing match, simple and crisp, showing a good figure.