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How to make Honey grapefruit tea

2018-04-20 19:13:00

The honey pomelo tea made by oneself is more fragrant and sweeter, and it has the effect of whitening and removing freckles and tender skin for long-term drinking. The L-cysteine contained in honey has a detoxification effect, and people who often have acne can have a alleviating effect. Grapefruit contains relatively high vitamin C, has a certain whitening effect, the following Xiaobian to explain how to make honey grapefruit tea

Food ingredient

One grapefruit


Amount of honey


Rock sugar amount


Rub the wax off the grapefruit skin with salt


Peel off the pomelo and then cut into small pieces and soak in salt water for an hour


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When the skin is clear, add the pomelo meat


Boil for more than an hour and add honey after cooling, be sure to wait until it is cool or it will destroy the activity of honey


Place in honey and store in refrigerator


Summary: 1. Rub the grapefruit peel with salt 2. Remove the peel from the flesh and then cut into small pieces and soak in salt water 3. Add the grapefruit peel and rock sugar 4. When the peel is clear, add the grapefruit meat 5. When it cools, add the honey 6. Refrigerator storage

Matters needing attention

The weather is dry, it is easy to get angry, and drink a cup of grapefruit tea every day to clear heat and reduce fire and nourish the face.


Honey grapefruit tea can combine these two effects well, clearing heat and reducing fire, whitening skin. It is especially suitable for white-collar women who face the radiation of the computer every day in the OFFICE, and their skin suffers from radiation damage and their complexion is dim.