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How to make a staff? Method of making linear spectrum

2018-04-06 04:48:36

How to make sound and color staff? We use the music tools, not only can make and print staff songs, but also listen to the beautiful melody of our piano music. How does it work?


The notation program Overture


Open the music program, click Piano, and select an instrument. Click the tip of the triangle under the start section and enter the key sign. We're gonna make a song called Little Star.


Enter the title litttle star, the author, here referring to the staff maker, said Xiangshan red leaf, click OK, and then you can enter the note. Note that the piano score consists of a treble score and a bass score, with the bass score recording the accompanying notes.


Click the Note tool on the toolbar, the default is 4 quarter note, move the cursor to the first bar, align the line or position and release the mouse, complete a note input, we type 1, 1, 5, 5, the end of the first bar.


In the second measure we enter two quarter notes 6, 6, and then we enter a half note 5 -, how to do that, click on the note tool, long press, it will display all the note options, select the half note, move the cursor to its position, and you're done typing.


Enter the third and fourth bar notes in the same way. If you want to move a note, you can click the Arrow tool to move the cursor to the head of the note. When the cursor becomes a cross arrow, you can drag the note up and down. Click the Play button on the toolbar to listen to the music and see if there are any wrong notes.


When we type a wrong note, you can click the arrow selection tool, first select one or several wrong notes, and then right-click, select clear, you can delete the wrong note. Then we enter the notes of the bass chart.


So how do you copy notes? Similar to word, select Copy and then paste. Continue to complete 5 and 6 bars of treble, bass notation note input.


Since bar 7,8 and bar 5,6 are exactly the same, we will first select the 5,6 and 2 notes, including the treble and bass charts, of course, with the arrow tool, then right click copy, move the cursor to bar 7, right click Paste. This completes the input of the 7,8 bar notes.


The notes in bars 9 to 12, like the notes in bars 1 to 4, can also be entered using the copying method.


This score is a total of 12 bars, and how to delete the remaining empty bars? Move the cursor to the first blank section, click the section command on the menu bar, and select Delete section.


Count it. There's 15 bars left. Enter 15. Ok. The blank bars behind it are all gone.


You can click Play and listen to it first to see if it's wrong, then save it for later to listen to over and over again, or print it out on paper to practice playing.

Matters needing attention

Here is the most basic staff production, more details see other articles.


During the production process, after listening to the music, click the stop button to continue the staff production.