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How to learn CAD?

2018-04-02 03:12:30

cad is a powerful piece of software that is also used in many industries and fields. For many people who don't understand CAD at first, it is really difficult. But when you really start learning, it's not that hard. Here, I will share my successful experience in learning cad.

How to learn CAD?

First find out which direction of CAD you want to learn. This is crucial. Some people know that they want to learn CAD, but they really do not know which direction or field they want to learn CAD, so they start at random, or blindly buy books and report for training classes. None of this is desirable. Now the direction of the books on the market are very fine, there are graphic design with CAD, engineering drawing with mold, material design direction and so on. You should choose books or training according to your actual needs.


In the beginning, it is recommended to teach yourself to get started. Here, my personal advice is not to take a training course as soon as you start studying. After all, CAD is not difficult, you can try to buy an introductory CAD learning book, and then follow the above to practice, familiar with some simple CAD operations and basic training, generally such books will have video tutorials, if you do not understand the place remember to take notes, or the Internet, or ask others to understand.


Don't rely too much on CAD video learning sites. When you are just starting to learn CAD, visiting some CAD official websites, or open classes, and taking a look will really help a little. But I personally recommend more field operations. Buy books to study. After all, some video sites are too detailed and intuitive, but it will make people lose the ability to think and learn. Of course, if you can't buy a book to learn, you can try watching videos first!


Try to master some basic CAD commands. When learning CAD, it is very important to master the quick commands of CAD. You can save these commands as a document, or take photos, and remember them from time to time. If necessary, take a note and look at it when you are using it. These commands are like the grammar of English, grammar can be mastered, naturally learning English will be much faster.


Flexible post bar, Renren sharing and CAD video learning sites. When we encounter problems or difficulties in learning CAD, personal advice to visit the post bar and Renren network of these CAD sharing communities, very effective. At the same time, there is time, more on the CAD official learning website and some websites that provide open courses. Personal advice, just started to learn to pay more attention to post it, Renren network and other communities to share, and so have a certain foundation, it is necessary to follow the video site to learn.


Draw frequently, keep insisting! If you want to learn CAD well, you really need to work hard. My personal suggestion is that if I don't draw some pictures myself, I really can't understand the true meaning of them. Maybe the process is boring, or it will be boring, or... But as long as you persist, there must be a small harvest, until you can not improve through self-study, you can try to participate in a more advanced training class to improve your drawing ability. Don't forget that everyone learns from the most basic graphics. When you look back, you will find that many people are applauding for you!

Matters needing attention

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