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How to know the best name for each color

2018-03-02 16:00:00

The ancient Chinese called colors picturesque. Basically, the name of each color has a reference, the following inventory of several colors the best name.




1, gray color is an ancient color word, its original meaning is grass color, later extended to green black. "Said Wen" recorded: Cang, grass color also. "Erya Shi Tian" cloud: spring for heaven. Such as: Cangshan is; Chang Tou, the old refers to the servant, the Han servants are dark towels, so the name Chang Tou.


2 Red silk red white. The original meaning refers to light red silk, and later generations often refer to red silk. "He banquet account for camp prostitute" there are verses: a song singing a red horse, two ladies thank madame. Among them, "red" refers to red silk. Red is most commonly used as a color of pink, peach, and red like blood.


3, moon white Moon white is a kind of bluish white, because it is similar to the moon, it is called moon white. According to the "Shi Ji · Feng Zen book" records: the day to the cow, the moon to the sheep pig. Too one blessing slaughter is dressed purple and embroidered. The five emperors are the same color, the sun is red, the moon is white. "Painted Boat Record · Grass River Record" : white bleaching, moon white; Yellow has a light yellow, like the birth of mulberry.


4, green green, phonogram. From the wire, record the sound. "Say Wen" : green, silk green yellow also. The original meaning is: green with yellow color. "Chu Ci · Orange Ode" : Green leaves are glorious. It is also used to denote black.


5, frost color, is a temperature, poetic color word. Frost color is white. Tang Zhou He "Give God U Hair" poem: The weak sentiment of the idle worry, frost color why into the hair root. Tang Liu Cang "Topic Study" poem: air ling frost color sword light movement, Yin to the snow Hua rhyme.


6, lotus lotus is the color of the newly picked tender lotus root, which is a light gray and reddish color. "Sons and Daughters of Heroes" fifteenth: She wore two pinkish pink shoes.


7. Flushed flushed, like the red on the face after drinking. Qian Zhongshu "Besieged City" : Maybe it was intoxicated by the sun, so the night after the sunset faded with red wine.