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How to kill cockroaches in commercial places 1 - Environmental governance

2018-04-08 16:00:30

With the rapid development of China's economy, the number of commercial places is also increasing. First, commercial places generally have the following characteristics. 1) Food is plentiful and varied. 2) The business hours are generally longer and the flow of people is larger. 3) The business space is more spacious, better closed, more goods and shelves, and there are a large number of gaps between goods and goods, shelves and shelves. 4) There is a huge space between the suspended ceiling and the roof and a large number of lighting, air conditioning and other lines. 5) The electrical equipment in commercial places is hot all the year round, and it is also a good place for cockroaches to breed. They hide and breed in distribution boxes, fax machines, computers, communication equipment, television sets, electronic scales, refrigerators, freezers, fresh-keeping cabinets and other equipment, producing a lot of feces and cockroach corpses, which is easy to cause internal short circuit failure of electrical equipment. And then lead to safety accidents, causing economic losses that should not be. The key control parts of cockroach eradication in commercial places are: all kinds of business counters, wooden shelves, all kinds of electrical equipment, cash registers, electronic scales, gaps inside and around wooden cabinets. Specific measures are: 1) strictly check all kinds of goods entering and leaving commercial places every day to prevent cockroaches from flooding everywhere with goods. 2) The stacking of all kinds of goods should be fully organized, and all kinds of debris and packaging garbage should be cleaned up in time. 3) Damaged tiles and floor tiles should be replaced in time, and all gaps and holes should be plugged with cement and other materials. 4) Do a good job in the popularization of cockroach control knowledge education of employees in commercial places, and enhance the health awareness of employees.