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How to keep away from blackheads?

2018-03-18 06:24:00

Love out of the oil sister quality, basically have blackhead trouble, blackhead you do not it will be more and more deep, you it has little effect, that how to stay away from it, today Xiaohua teacher to everyone a few tricks ~


It's important to keep your face clean. How is the formation of blackheads, that is, the accumulation and oxidation of fine dust particles in the daily oil ester and space are slowly formed, so daily cleaning is essential.


Throw away your DIY tips and use a professional oil control kit that combines oil control with hydration. Pay attention to replenish water to balance the secretion of oil esters in the face, otherwise, your skin will become more and more oily, forming a vicious cycle.


Stay away from the hand base squeeze, so as not to produce inflammation, can not help but find Xiaohua teacher to help you chop


The daily diet should follow the principle of "less oil, less sugar, less calories, less stimulation", watching others eat is also a kind of enjoyment


The computer screen will have static electricity, static electricity will dust your skin, and often wipe the screen and table to prevent the face from absorbing too much dirt due to static electricity


Go to bed early and get up early to ensure proper and regular skin metabolism


Invite me to dinner ~ (haha, just a little joke) Excuse me, do you want to improve the face problem? Tell me the answer aloud

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