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How to improve the quality of citizens?

2018-04-21 11:12:06

China is an ancient civilization with a history of five thousand years, and the Chinese nation has always been a land of civility and courtesy. In ancient China, "rites" and "rites" are actually two different concepts. "Rites" is a system, a rule and a social consciousness concept; "Rites" is the concrete form of "rites", which is a set of systematic and complete procedures formed according to the provisions and contents of "rites". 'Benevolence, rites, rites, wisdom and faith', among which 'rites' is the most classic and glorious page of Chinese Confucianism. Faced with some uncivilized behavior in today's society, what aspects should we ordinary citizens pay attention to?


Personal etiquette is the mutual respect and expression of each other between members of the society, and its core is to respect others, be friendly with people, and be consistent inside and outside. The basic requirements of etiquette: neat and dignified appearance, sincere speech and manners, appropriate clothing, natural expression and stretch.


Communication etiquette - The basic requirements of shaping good interpersonal relations communication etiquette: • Equality and mutual respect • Solidarity and friendship • Honesty and trustworthiness • Mutual benefit and mutual assistance communication etiquette: 1, help to shape a good image 2, help to improve the quality of the national 3, help to promote the construction of spiritual civilization 4, help to regulate interpersonal relations


The traditional Chinese virtue inherits civilization and politeness - we must be civilized and polite when dealing with people. Take good care of public property - protect the public property around us protect the environment - protect our common environment, love their homes to help others - do what they can for people around them, society, help others abide by the law - do a qualified social citizen, do not violate the law and discipline


Law-abiding - studying the law, knowing the law, and abiding by the law are the basic moral norms that every citizen should abide by


Family virtues -- honoring the elderly and uniting neighbors to speak filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and honoring the elderly is the duty and responsibility that each of us should do." With the loss of time, parents are getting older day by day, and we have less and less time to accompany our parents, we should cherish the time with our parents.


Love your job - No matter what profession you are in, you should love your job and be responsible for your work. "Do a line, love a line, fine line" occupation regardless of high and low, no matter what we engage in work, should be treated with heart.