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How to have a wedding banquet that's cheap and luxurious?

2018-03-19 03:12:00

Generally speaking, wedding life is only once, of course, the more luxurious the better, but because of the actual situation we may not have too much budget to spend on the wedding, then how to do a good wedding, so that the wedding appears luxurious?


General wedding banquet is silk flowers more flowers less, this and all flowers of the wedding is really a lack of a few grades, I want to participate in the wedding of the students have the sense to realize that so, their wedding napkin, tray, seat plate, cup feet, cake, the bride's handbag and so on to use the color of flowers decoration. There are also tablecloths and carpets with floral patterns so that guests will feel like entering a sea of flowers. Napkin flower: Pin a flower to a napkin or chopsticks, or even a piece of ribbon. A few cents can elevate a party.


Greeting card, wedding theme logo stickers and other wedding supplies to match the whole view of the supporting unity can make guests feel luxurious, guests naturally infected by the atmosphere, but also a new look at the wedding.


All green plants can be dressed up at the wedding banquet large green plants can be rented, small can be arranged wholesale, after the wedding can also be used as a small gift to the guests. It should be noted that it is necessary to use a unified decorative flower pot of yarn in line with the wedding keynote color.


Petals White, pink, and red petals are placed on plates for guests to sprinkle, so that their actions also enter the big atmosphere of the wedding, making them feel interactive.


Fruits, candles to create an atmosphere Put some beautiful colors of fruit can make everyone feel happy, and candles on the table will make the banquet have a lively festive atmosphere Colorful lights, fireworks, sound can make guests feel the atmosphere of the banquet. There are also different periods of music to drive the atmosphere, which is the soul of the wedding.


Pieces of yarn, ribbon and flowers decorate a small ceremonial table, which can be very luxurious when paired correctly.


Other gadgets, knick-knacks, boards, trees, and sprinkles of colored paper scraps, rice, soap bubbles, and color spray can be enjoyed by the family.

Warm reminder

The wedding venue is also very important, oh, the wine itself will have a lighting effect, so a little decoration is very luxurious, but we need characteristics, atmosphere and cost-effective, you may wish to consider the characteristics of small restaurants and bars and other places