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How to get rid of spring forehead acne?

2018-04-21 22:24:19

Many people do not have acne on the forehead in winter, but it begins to appear in spring. There is nothing can have disease, no disease harm to the body is serious, so life must learn to defend their health, acne is everyone may experience the disease. In response to this situation, Zhuo Zi shares a few tricks to remove acne methods, so that your forehead away from acne troubles oh. If the acne on the forehead is not large, it looks similar to fat grains, and a long piece of it, dense, there is a tingling feeling, such acne is basically caused by poor sleep or pressure caused by heart fire. Should maintain a happy mood, regular life, do not stay up late, reduce the time on the Internet. In addition to the accumulation of excessive oil secretion, acne on the forehead may also be due to lack of water on the skin. Therefore, after the use of aloe vera acne cleansing cream, it is best to use moisturizing and moisturizing good Zhuozi aloe original solution and some other follow-up skin care products to apply to the face, and gently massage the nose to let the face fully absorb nutrients. Drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed at night has a better effect on promoting sleep. If you are afraid of gaining weight, play a basin of hot water and bubble your feet before going to bed. The water temperature should be 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, and the water should be over the ankle joint. This will not only detoxify, but also promote blood circulation throughout the body, so that you can better enter the sleep period. Daily bath and face wash is of course essential, but we should also wash the face as usual, strengthen the deep cleaning, exfoliating with Zhuo Zi aloe Vera exfoliating gel, and then moisturizing. Spring should also pay attention to keep warm, some beautiful girls even in the cold wind, but also insist on wearing skirts, thin socks, short jackets, and even show a slim waist. In fact, sometimes forehead acne can also represent endocrine problems. Spring for women, we must do a good job of keeping warm, especially before and after the menstrual period, the abdomen must not catch cold, otherwise it is very easy to affect menstrual health. Endocrine disorders can cause menstrual disorders, so it is easy to lead to acne.