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How to get rid of bathroom insects?

2018-05-10 00:01:00

In the hot summer, the temperature is extremely high, the small flying insects in the bathroom are also more, they are black, with small wings, flying around, very annoying! How to get rid of small flying insects in the bathroom? Do the following points, the small flying insects will be removed!


Open Windows to ventilate, keep dry, etc




Timely disposal of garbage: garbage is most likely to breed small flying insects, the garbage in the bathroom should be dumped every day, and food waste should not be put in the bathroom. In the summer, garbage stinks quickly, breeding small bugs.


Keep the screen intact: Some small flying insects fly in from outside, in the summer, the screen should be kept intact and not damaged, so as to prevent small flying insects from flying in!


Keep the bathroom floor and wall dry: the small flying insects like the dark and humid environment most, keep the bathroom dry, often open the window to ventilate, so that the small flying insects do not have a living environment, which will drive away the small flying insects.


Block the small water outlet hole of the basin: there will be a small water outlet hole on the basin to prevent water overflow, the water outlet hole is the best place for small bugs to survive, and gauze can be used to block the hole to prevent small flying insects from flying out.


Kill insects with insecticides: If you find small flying insects, you can spray insecticides directly to kill small flying insects, sewers have small flying insects eggs, but also spray to kill eggs.


Less debris in the bathroom: the hiding place of small flying insects in the debris, so the bathroom should put less debris, the more concise the better, it is best not to have a gap between the furniture and the wall of the sanitary ware, which is easy to hide dirt and breed mosquitoes.


Method summary: 1. Waste disposal in time; 2, keep the screen in good condition; 3, keep the bathroom floor, wall dry; 4. Block the small water outlet hole of the basin; 5, use insecticides to kill small flying insects; 6, less clutter.

Matters needing attention

When spraying with insecticide to kill small flying insects, to close the bathroom doors and Windows, people should leave.