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How to get 18 hands of the Dragon

2018-05-13 03:12:32

Recently Xiaobian received a lot of questions, one of which is the following Xiaobian for you to sort out the steps of how to obtain the method of Chivalrade transmission Dragon 18 palm, I hope these methods can help you.


First of all, the dragon 18 palm this secret can be learned through some special ways yo, first Xiao Yao dragon first two learn full, and then take the flower chicken and Xiao Yao wandering on the map there is a certain chance to meet Ke Xianglong.


Then, if Xiao Yao can guarantee the death of more than 4 rounds in the battle, Ke Xianglong will teach you 18 strokes of the dragon, in addition, he will also give you a prop gold rice bowl can make the surrounding enemy characters can not escape, I do not know whether it can offset their own equipment buff.


Then, the next November to choose the sea shark gang route, after the end to go to the market can meet Xiao Yao, choose to give him dinner.


Then, in the middle of April of the third year, Xiao Yao automatically came to the valley to find the protagonist and chose to cook for him. I was cooking at this time already 100.


Then, the end of the third year in April to participate in the cooking competition, can learn Mapo tofu, before going to the pleasure Valley to trigger the small sister event, the third year in July and December Xiao Yao will come to you for dinner.


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Matters needing attention

The above methods are collected by small series, and I hope to help you.