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How to earn online? How to make money online?

2018-04-08 12:48:37

I believe that many friends are still in trouble for how to earn online, today to introduce a fast way to earn online.


First of all, we recommend an installation alliance: Blu-ray installation alliance. The so-called installed alliance is to download the software on the alliance, and install it for yourself or others to obtain certain benefits.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


You only need to install the products promoted by the Blu-ray Alliance at the time of installation, you can earn points forever, exchange gifts every month, and install 360 browsers and computers to earn money. Register here:


Install all the software of Blu-ray installation alliance, as shown below, each computer can only be installed once, you can earn 14.8 yuan/unit. END

Matters needing attention

At the time of registration, the agent filled in: 105818


Download the correct promotion package, for example, download the Blu-ray full promotion package, if it is a system package, download the system package. The right promotion package is the number one guarantee of earning money.


Download the promotion package into the U disk, or promote on the network, be careful not to change the file name. If you change, the system will not be able to count your installation data.


Customer maintenance is very important, frequent communication with customers, product promotion is conducive to increase revenue.