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How to draw a gate with CAD

2018-04-03 16:00:21

A lot of people think that CAD software is very difficult when they hear it. But when you really learn it, you will find that it is not difficult at all. Everyone knows that CAD is a drawing software that designers use to draw graphics. The following Xiaobian will teach you how to design a simple door diagram with CAD.


CAD software, a computer


First of all, find CAD on the computer desktop and double-click it as shown in the figure:


After entering the CAD interface, begin to draw graphics. First you need to know the CAD shortcut keys such as "L plus space length, O plus space is height." CAD is expressed in millimeters. If I design the length and height of 2400 is a square, this is the value you do not know it may be marked with the annotation shortcut DLI.


This is where you can see that the tagline is too small to see that we can design whether the tagline as shown in the picture has become larger.


This is the thickness of the door you want to design for the general 80cm with O plus space 80cm is entered as shown in the figure:


This is the time to delete the Angle of the door first select the whole picture, and then TR add space to click the Angle to delete as shown in the figure:


After you've removed the corners you've got to draw the beveled angles for the doors F8 is straight, our doors are usually open on both sides and you have to figure out how long each door is and this is the simplest door diagram. As shown in the figure

Matters needing attention

Beginners can write down CAD shortcuts and draw more pictures.