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How to do the continuous marketing of the fund

2018-03-07 09:36:00

Launching an open-end fund is like opening a mall: if you open it for three days and then it's empty, you're dead. In the market environment is not loose, the increasingly fierce competition in the financial market conditions, push an open-end fund product, the pursuit of the initial launch to reach a predetermined scale to make its establishment is not easy, in the state of freedom of redemption and investors can choose a variety of investment products, to maintain a moderate size of a fund or seek to further expand its scale is more difficult. The first billion or even tens of billions of dollars does not mean that you can rest easy, when the redemption tide comes may die faster and more miserable! At present, the fund's continuous marketing ability has become an important condition for the fund market to fight and seek survival. Continuous marketing is the real effort of the fund, who can maintain the continuous marketing ability of the fund product, who can get a greater market share. How does a fund maintain strong continuous marketing capabilities? Let's take a look.


Product richness Currency, bond, balance and various types of funds, securities collection of financial products, complete product line, agent fund varieties.


The fund is not and should not be speculative products, the original meaning of the fund is to invest, the real investors are the parents of the fund, the fund wants to sell well to see whether it can meet the needs of investors to the maximum. The development of a fund product must follow several principles are: 1, determine the target investment group. The fund must deeply study the target investor group and design reasonable and more attractive products under the premise of understanding their needs. 2. Market segmentation. We believe that if open-end funds want to change the current situation, they must first subdivide the financial market, understand the needs of different levels of investors, and on this basis, position themselves properly. Specifically, from the perspective of customers, they should target bank customers rather than shareholders. From the regional point of view, we should not only focus on the city, but also pay attention to the economically developed rural areas. 3. Optimize the fund product structure. Open-end funds should fully consider the existing fund structure of the fund management when designing products.


Diversified marketing channels To establish commercial banks, professional, diversified fund sales channels is an inevitable direction. 1. Commercial banks. Fund sales in China are likely to remain dominated by commercial banks for a long time. 2. Securities. When marketing through securities channels, the customers are securities customers, who have a certain understanding of the securities market and usually have different degrees of understanding of the fund. However, these customers have relatively high expected returns, and their investment tendency of the fund cannot be overestimated. 3. Online sales. Network sales have obvious advantages. At present, the Internet has penetrated into thousands of households, as long as the technical level allows, security is guaranteed, online sales channels can attract mass investors. 4. Direct sales. From the perspective of fund direct sales channels, the advantage of this sales channel is that it provides direct door-to-door service to customers, can carry out in-depth introductions, and can arrange professionals to explain, which brings great convenience to institutional investors. 5. Fund supermarket. Fund supermarket is also an alternative sales channel for future fund sales, which has emerged in the United States, the United Kingdom and other places. Its biggest advantage is that many "fund families" are sold together, and investors can invest in many funds with only one account.


The establishment and maintenance of a brand is not only a long-term process, but also a complex systematic project, which needs to combine the corporate culture and investment philosophy of fund management, from value positioning to market research and market selection, from product design, product marketing to image publicity, service concept indeed the whole process and all-round participation. To build a brand fund management, we must first establish a clear corporate philosophy, which is the foundation of fund management to build a brand. This requires the fund management to establish an effective governance structure mechanism (such as power balance mechanism, scientific decision-making mechanism, incentive and constraint mechanism, etc.) at the same time, strengthen the internal management, cultivate the corporate culture of rigor, integrity, and all for investors, and establish the brand awareness of creating a century-old enterprise. The fund industry is an industry with a high content of wisdom and a special emphasis on integrity. A brand fund management, let investors think of the integrity, feel the professionalism of the fund, and realize the careful care of the fund for investors. Fund manager background, past performance of other funds.


Persistent service for investors sales need to have service. Continuous sales require continuous service. Fund marketing is the marketing of services, pre-sale, sale, after-sales are inseparable from the word "service", product publicity is only a level of information services to provide investors, as a service-based fund management, rational study of industry characteristics, investor psychology and timely and effective communication with investors for this special industry, it is particularly important. Promoting a fund product, paying attention to the fluctuations and changing trends of investor psychology, and communicating with investors in a timely and effective manner are the key to fund continuous marketing. In the future, the marketing and publicity of the fund industry will turn more to services, and who has better services will be able to survive in the market.


Money return fund is entrusted by people, on behalf of the financial services, others give you money, the only expectation is that you can help him make more money, if you can't do it, others will kick you off, go away, this is the cruel reality of the fund market. If a fund wants to retain customers and keep their money from being withdrawn, it must strive to improve its investment performance, provide investors with continuous and abundant dividend returns, and make the assets of holders continuously increase  only by constantly improving its fund management ability, proving its financial management ability with dividend returns, and improving investors' trust. Rate of high and low, fund income distribution principle.