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How to do spot crude oil

2018-04-13 06:24:43

How to do spot crude oil?


First, you have to open an account. First find a reliable operating platform, account deposit.


Familiar with the platform, learn to operate tools, familiar with the software platform. First establish a simulation warehouse, use the simulation account to master the various parameters above the software, learn to build warehouses, lock warehouses, and how to do the number of hands.


Study the factors that affect crude oil. Supply and demand, national political situation, crude oil inventory EIA,OPEC production reduction policy and so on the impact of crude oil.


Learn technical analysis, learn to use the moving average, Bollinger band, K line, MACD and other technical indicators to analyze the surface of crude oil, learn technical analysis.


Learn to draw support and resistance levels, and use support and power to analyze the disk. The operation is in line with the trend, and the altitude is much lower.


The message surface grasp is not accurate, before the message comes out, you can pick up the line to hang the order operation, or wait for the big market to do a trend order. This is good for profits.