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How to disassemble and clean the new air purifier

2018-02-28 17:36:00

Friends who have Yixin air purifier, the machine needs to be cleaned for a long time, I cleaned the purifier pre-filter today, and share with you.


Air purifier


The gap in the front cover visually detects that the pre-filter is full of dust, and it can be cleaned at this time.


Start to remove the front cover, first place the thumb on the edge of the control panel to stabilize the air purifier. However, use your fingers to buckle the finger slots on both sides of the air purifier, gently pull out, remove the front cover, and remove the front cover from the bottom.


The front filter is attached to the outside of the high efficiency particulate filter. Press the two finger slots on either side of the outer frame (near the top) of the HEPA filter until they are loosened to remove the connected front filter and HEPA filter.


When the front filter and high efficiency particulate filter are removed, the innermost odor filter may tilt, and the odor filter is removed together.


Pull the buckle on both sides of the front filter on the high efficiency particulate filter and gently remove the front filter.


The particulate sensor filter can be seen on the upper left side of the air purifier front. Remove the particulate sensor filter with two fingers and rinse it directly with warm water.


This is a dirty front filter, take it to the bathroom, put it under the shower head, lean it against the wall, and rinse it with warm water from the nozzle.


During the washing process, the dust will be at the water outlet, and the water filter can be cleaned with a shoe brush, which is convenient and easy to use.


The clean pre-filter should be thoroughly dried before being put back into the air purifier.


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Matters needing attention

After cleaning, the pre-filter should be thoroughly dried and then installed back to the air purifier, be sure not to dry with a hair dryer.


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