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How to decorate a single apartment beautiful and practical?

2018-02-28 19:12:00

How to decorate a single apartment beautiful and practical? Here is a simple introduction to everyone!


When modifying a single apartment, do not separate solid partitions, and use a variety of soft partitions to divide the space.


Scientists have proved through experiments that different colors will bring different feelings to people, so people should pay attention to the use of decorative colors in indoor decoration. Best to avoid the dark,


Simple style Before starting, it is still necessary for everyone to choose the style that suits their home. Among the many styles, the one that suits is the simple one.


Simple and practical because the modern interior decoration design takes the natural and smooth sense of space as the theme, simple and practical in principle, people and space are integrated into the nature.


Open kitchen It is recommended to adopt an open kitchen design, plus counters, buy counters. This design makes the interior space more transparent and improves ventilation through light.


When it comes to safety, one's home is most worried about safety. If it's safe, that's great. So there must be an anti-leakage device at home, there is a leak alarm on the oil engine, there is an alarm and nearby people.


In addition, please try to warm the layout design. For example, when modifying the bedroom, you can put wool carpet. Furry carpets give people a feeling of safety, comfort, and affection. A family still has to spoil itself.